Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm So Over Winter!

You must rug up to keep warm...

Even though winter brings with it some lovely frosty views, I'm over it and I'm really looking forward to the warm sun and weather again. We have two wood fires here and my fire lighting skills are tragic. I swear, I will have to give up any aspirations of becoming an arsonist, as I cannot even burn paper.
I also wonder whether the cows get cold...?

The wet cold weather totally sucked extra hard today because I went out to my art-supplies-storage-bungalow to get something and slipped over and fell right into the mud. I had to come inside and change my clothes, and I was spewing as I had my favourite cozy warm tracksuit pants on and they were just clean and fresh today and now I have to wash them again! Urgh!

So, what makes one feel better after a clumsy spill right into the mud? A piece of lemon bakewell tart with cream, that's what.

ps. For anyone concerned, I did not fall onto my baby belly, thank god. But now my whole left arm & hand is killing me... and I am left handed! Plus, lemon bakewell tart was strawberry in the recipe, but it had to be converted for my recent cravings of lemony flavoured foodstuffs. I was pretty proud of my baking effort. :)


Georgie Love said...

Hooray for giving in to cravings! That tart looks fairly amazing and I am certainly feeling the lemony love too (although I am addicted to lemon juice, loving the tartness!)

The cows look more indignant than cold. I always worry about them too, around our cold parts!

Oh and Georgie looks exactly the same! Except his rug is blue and he tries to look pathetic and in need of cuddles at the same time. :-)

Oh and your DVDs should be there any day now! :-D

Jules said...

Hey Girl from Oz,

Sorry you're so chilled - we're boiling in Florida here. Thanks for the ps. I haven't read your blog in ages and I thought to myself "crap isn't she pregnant???"

About needing Anthropologie there...your "Does having Feathers make you happy?" beats anything you'd find here. What about that as something in baby's room? It's so whimsical. Girls here whould have a whole room decorated around that.

Oh, love the cow pic.

lil kim said...

i am so over winter too. but I do find baking helps! lemon tart or olive bread.... it all serves the same function ;-)

Christiane said...

Winter doesn't look so bad in that scenery, plus when you have trees that don't lose their green in winter that's even better!

Georgie Love said...

Cows on the way to work has frost on their back, it made me sad!

Have a marvellous time in tas!