Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sketch Book Snippet

I did a little sketch in my moleskine sketchbook this week. Done with bits of fancy paper, paint, pencil and pen. I have such fun doing doodles and sketches that are destined for nothing and no one. "No pressure" art is what I call it.

I've been having lots of inspiration lately, but finding it hard to find the time to make art. I swear I can fill up days with menial tasks and cleaning the house and shopping for food and cooking. Plus I'm still getting my arty stuff in order from moving, so I start a project and get side tracked by sorting through a drawer or a box. But! I did finish off two little felt deer today so I was happy with that. I've got to make myself another light box to photograph them. Jim's pretty handy with tools so I may be able to con him into making me a strong one that is not going to break and be crushed like my last cardboard box attempt.

Anyway, I'll photograph them when that gets made and pop them in the shop.

Plus I have some new necklace designs coming out! I intend on finishing them tomorrow. It's been a while since I added some new designs to my range.

I'll be back soon with some arty goodness to share.

And maybe a belly bump picture! I'm 23 weeks along! Kick kick! Squiggle nugget is getting quite active! (Yes, we have dubbed her "squiggle nugget"...)

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