Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We're off!

Going on a short holiday to Tassie! Funny how I was whinging about the cold and here I am just about to go further down south. I'll be sure to pack the woollies! Brrrrrrr! Wonder if we'll get to see some snow.

One destination will be Tasmania's old growth forests. "Tasmania is home to the tallest hardwood forests on Earth, with trees reaching nearly 100 metres and living for over 400 years. It is also home to Australia’s greatest tract of temperate rainforest. " - from The Wilderness Society.
It's a national shame that they're logging this section of our Earth. And also a shame that visitors aren't encouraged by mainstream tourism to check out this part of Tassie. Well, we will be. We've got our map and a guide book all ready to go.

So I'll see you in about a week! The shop will also be closed too, but will reopen as soon as possible.

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Kim Bagwill said...

My fiance and I went to Tassie this past May and it was one of the highlights of our down under trip! Love the natural, wild beauty and got to see the little fairy penguins.