Saturday, August 23, 2008

Chickens and other happy things...

Introducing to you our chickens, Cluckers and Pecky! Cluckers is the light one and Pecky is the dark one. They have just started to venture out into the open air after about a week which gave me the opportunity to take a happy snap of them. I love having chickens.

I did a bit of gardening today. The gardens here at this property are HUGE and there is so much work to be done. Most of it is country style gardens, due to the people that lived here before us. But today I am showing you a couple of flowers of our own that we have in pots. Jim & I are both hardcore native plant fans, and one day dream for our gardens to be 100% native. Australia is the driest country on Earth, so it makes sense to have plants that don't require a stack of water. This first shot is of a native orchid that's in flower at the moment. I don't even look after it much, but it flowers every year. The flowers look so cute, I imagine they are individual characters coz they kind of look like funny heads with antennae.

Here's a Kangaroo Paw I bought recently which is having heaps of flowers. Yay! Aren't the colours beautiful? I don't have much success with Kangaroo Paws, but this one seems to be going strong. Lets hope it keeps it up. Everything seems to grow so well out where we are in West Gippsland.

And as I was going around taking photos today I decided to take one of this sculpture I made a couple of years ago out of recycled materials. I made him whilst Jimmy was watching the footy. I am no sports fan, let me tell you, and I can often be found sitting in a chair crafting like a little old granny while Jimmy watches sport on telly. We are such old people :)

Hope you like our chickens & other shots from around the place! Now I'm going to go and rest my big pregnant guts on the couch for a bit, I am buggered. 29 weeks tomorrow. Geez, where has the time gone?

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