Friday, August 15, 2008

It's Knitting Time

My sewing machine doesn't like me. I killed my last sewing machine, and now this one has decided it doesn't want to stitch anything. Why!? My old one probably could've been fixed, but I think I took it to the wrong person. I got some weird guy to come and fix it, and it still was skipping stitches so I called him back and he had another look and told me nothing was wrong with it. 70 bucks down the drain. He really was quite a strange fella, Jim said he reckons he's got a collection of severed heads in his basement... (roll eyes here). Plus, he really overstayed his welcome so needless to say I was done with him and really didn't want him to fix my machine anymore anyway! I swear, he just went on and on about god knows what (I can't remember) and I was dishing up dinner and it just sat there on the table going cold screaming so obviously that it was time for sewing machine service men to bugger off so we could eat!
Anyway, I inherited this one from my Nan when she passed away, and it has worked fabulously, until recently.
So, screw you sewing machine. I'm going to knit instead!

This was from a pattern I bought off Illusion Yarns and this was my practise attempt. There are a few mistakes and I have no idea if I did it all right to the pattern, as I am a beginner, but I was still pretty proud of my efforts and am looking forward to making some more with the wool I bought in the next photo.

This wool is so soft and lovely to knit with. I just need to find a shop that sells the right sized needles. I have been into 3 different shops so far and no such luck. Oh well, I'm sure I'll find some soon.

Anyway, I'm off to do some crafty stuff and house-wifey stuff. (Cleaning.) I've got a new special limited edition print coming veeeerrrry soon, and I have completed some new necklace designs but am waiting until my new lightbox is finished before I upload them into the shop. That's on the list for this weekend. Also!! We are probably going to get some chickens!! I can't wait. Jimmy has been fixing the chicken coup that's here on the property and it's all ready to go.

Have a fab weekend everyone. I am praying for some sunshine. It has been cold and wet here ALL week. It's time for some sun!

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annax said...

I had to laugh. My sewing machine does not like me, actually it quite despises me. It is brand new and just does not do what it is supposed to. I have given up. I can't do the knitting though. My shoulders lock up, and I start to walk funny. So I craft and hand stitch and paint. But ..... I would love to knit. I do.

You've got a great blog, by the way.
Will be back often!

Have a lovely day!