Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Lightbox & Necklace Design

Finally got around to making (well, mostly Jim making) my new lightbox. I get an upgrade with each one. My last one was made from a cardboard box, and this time I thought I'd go for more sturdy wood. (And yes, I can use tools, but if there's someone else around who can too and is up for the job, I'll happily delegate jobs to them.) Basically it's just made from two square side frames with some semi-transparent plastic tacked onto them, and then attached by two horizontal pieces at the back, top & bottom. Then I just bull-dog clipped my paper in there, which makes it easy to change backgrounds if I need to. The lamps I have are not very strong, and I would love to upgrade them, but it'll do for now. I just have to do a little bit of stuffing around in photoshop (playing with the levels, brightness and contrast, etc) to get them looking decent. If you have any questions regarding the box, or any suggestions (even better!) for improvement I'd love to hear from you :)

So, I re-shot a firm old popular fave using my new lightbox and you can now find it in the shop.

This is a new design, which can be found here, and it is titled "Spring is Coming". And it is... on this side of the world. I'm looking forward to it.

ps. We got our chickens! I shall introduce you to them soon! They are young so will not start laying until about another month and a half, but that makes me happy... it should be easier to make them tame whilst young. I have also been veggie gardening. I am really going all country and environmental.

pps. In my recent knitting addiction, I needed a certain sized double pointed needle set, and was getting very frustrated at not being able to find them in the numerous shops I entered. Would you believe, I found the set I needed for 50 cents at my local op shop? Unreal, banana peel. Even more environmental..!

Have an awesomely awesome day, everyone.


Chickengirl said...

did someone say....chickens?!? I am jealous! Hope we get to see them soon!

The lightbox is awesome. I am still considering making one out of cardboard for myself.

Jen Bradford said...

I filed away these instructions but haven't made one yet. This looks like a pretty easy version using foam core.