Monday, September 08, 2008

Creative Weekend

First up, before I tell you about my weekend, I'd like to thank Ellen for nominating me for the "You like me, you really like me!" award. Awesome. I am so thrilled when people tell me that they love my blog, coz I'm such a sensitive person and wonder if my blog is really that interesting to others, so it really does make me happy when someone tells me they like it.

Thank you, Ellen :)

The rules are that I'm supposed to nominate 7 blogs that I love, but I'm going to wuss out on this bit. At the moment, the blog I really love reading is Sally's from Georgie Love coz she is such a good writer and makes life sound interesting and funny. I like her sense of humour and bits and pieces of herself remind me of myself. Is that ok? Can I just nominate one!?

Of course there are others that I really like and you can see a selection of those in my bloggy links section.

So, on to the weekend.

Saturday was gloriously sunny. Thank you Spring for finally coming, I have missed you. I have not however, missed the hay fever that goes along with it! Time to start using the netti pot!? Gross but it's worth a try. It's either that or carry around a semi trailer load of tissues with me everywhere. (Tell me supermarkets, why do you not stock recycled tissues anymore? Maybe time to venture back to hankies?)

Anywayz, I'm continuously being inspired by decorating efforts of others and am forever going to get around to decorating (in the limited way I can in a rental property) but am finally starting to do it. I had a busy creative weekend.

This first piccy is of our bedroom. Sorry for the blurriness of the picture, I am still trying to suss out the best ways of taking photos with our digital camera sometimes. The prints on the wall are of course Camilla's. The lamps were two daggy Ikea lamps that looked oh-so display home-ish, so I decided to paint them brown. An improvement, although I'm still not 100% sure I'm happy with them. I made the two big fluffy retro cushions on the bed, as Jimmy and I are getting old (30 going on 80) and like to sit up in bed and read, so we needed more pillows. The patchwork cushion & throw at the end of the bed were op shop finds, and the cute lil owl stuffie was made for me by one of my friends.

Here's a cushion I revamped. It used to be a skirt, with the embellishment on the front and the fur around the bottom hem. I have since grown out of the skirt but could never bring myself to get rid of it, so now it lives in the form of a cushion that I can see everyday, instead of tucked away in my wardrobe. I am fussy when it comes to making cushions too, they must have removable covers so as the covers can be washed easily. Unless, of course it's a baby cushion :) (The other two cushions were op shop finds.)

So sewing & decorating finished off with some knitting at night. Being pregnant and laying off the booze on weekends makes my weekends slightly nerdy as I'm knitting on Saturday night instead of partying it up. Healthier, and a different kind of fun.

We also hung a stack of pictures using these nifty little 3M removable tabs so we don't leave marks on the walls when we leave. I haven't taken a photo yet of the cluster of pics, as there's still more I want to do to that wall and area, so I will show you in due time. There's some stuff though in rental homes that are hard to cover up without major renovations, such a faux marble floor tiles (urgh). There's also floral curtains and daggy wall freezes to deal with (double urgh)! Though I'll try to do something about those things...

Hope you had as good a weekend as me (even if you were taking it easy- time needs to be put aside for that also!) See you soon :)


Georgie Love said...

Oh... OH! That's the absolutely loveliest thing of the past fortnight, thank you so much lovely-belly lady. :-D

Love the nesting pics too - I love it whenever you show pics of the country farmhouse, it's so idyllic. I want to curl up on the bed for an afternoon nap (wake me for scones).


Rebekah said...

your bedroom is so cute! My bedroom is the neglected room in our house that is still not decorated. Thanks for the inspiration! I really love the throw at the end of your bed and the collection of artwork over the top!

Margie Oomen said...

I love your blog, art, crafts, style and definitely your sense of humor. To borrow a line from Bridget Jones, Always have, always will. I have no idea why I haven't visited your blog recently and realized you are in that most magical state of being with child. Congratulations!!! Your baby will be so lucky to be raised in such a creative family. Too bad about the laying off the booze bit but babies born to mom's who drink just don't get a fair chance for a normal life.

Amelia said...

looove the throw!! I was wondering if you knew about Melbourne's collaborative op shopping blog 'I op therefore I am'

there are links there to maps and addresses of Melbourne's op shops. let me know if you are interested in joining.

regards, Amelia