Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Feel Like Painting

This statement needs to be sung to the tune of "I feel like dancing" by The Scissor Sisters. Coz that's how it's repeating in my head right now.

So I have been feeling like painting. I started this one a couple of weeks ago and just finished it today. It's called "Thinking Space". It's mixed media on paper- pencil, paint, collage and hand stitched cotton thread.

Both her and her cat are just thinking. Isn't it nice to have some spare time to just sit and think? I think that's why I am enjoying knitting lately- coz I just get to sit there and my brain can drift onto other thoughts and arty inspirations. It's like driving. I used to get lots of ideas whilst driving. Caffeine is another one of those things that gives me ideas, but considering I'm pregnant at the moment and it messes with my head and sleep and gives me the jitters, I think it's best to avoid that drug at the moment.

And although I'm getting lots of ideas lately it's taking a lot of self discipline to refrain from starting new projects. I really MUST finish off some already started ones first. I have a goal to become one of those organised neat people (especially when it comes to my art). I'm aiming high, coz if you've seen my crafty areas, you know that they take over the whole house. If there's an empty table, I'll fill it with crap.

Well, it's time for me to go and make some polenta so that it can cool before I make something out of it for dinner. Mmmmmm polenta. We have been consuming lots less meat in this house which is good for the ol' environment, which is a bonus, but mainly because I have completely gone off mince meat and certain dry textures of meat.

See ya's soon :)


kat coyle said...

this is a very sweet painting!

Kim Bagwill said...

I love this new piece! I know what you mean about knitting...I'm always so busy on the internet, etc. that sometimes it's nice to just sit and knit....must find where I put my knitting bag now....

adi said...

hey julie,
i am curious where you get your digital > art paper printing done in melbourne, i'm doing some research at the mo and it's confusing!
I've see some of your prints at incubator and thought they looked hot!

regards, adi

Ellen said...

Just wanted to tell you I nominated you for a blog award...your work is awesome! You can see the nomination information on my blog. Or at http://pinkinkandjello.blogspot.com/2008/09/award.html