Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Falling Dollar

The really weak Aussie dollar has meant that for my overseas customers, prints in the shop are at reduced prices! Yay! (For you overseas peeps!) I can't believe how low the dollar has got. A good time for people buying from me from overseas, but not so much the other way around... :( For a while there I could order things from US Etsy sellers and not have to pay too much extra as our dollar was almost equal, but now things when converted are so much more expensive. Bugger!

Check out the shop for the new updated prices if you so wish.

I've got some more preggy shots to show you. We took some photos of us on the weekend, coz it really is nice to remember to take photos of us to look back on in the future. We don't do it that often and really should more. I reckon though with the baby coming we will be taking HEAPS of photos! We also invested in a video camera to catch all those moments in time of our baby growing. Fun!

And because I have no photos of anything arty or crafty that I have done recently (because there's not been much of that going on) I'm going to have to show you photos of us. All my time has been spent getting stuff ready for the baby. And taking it easy!

This is me at 36 weeks:

Me and Jimmy and the belly:

A dorky shot of us:

And here's Jimmy with our furbabies:

They, and we, are so happy when the sun is out. It's another cold and overcast day today. Bugger this weather and having to light the fire! Anyway, I really do go on a bit too much about the weather so I think I'll shut up about that and go and do some yoga.

See ya's soon :)


futuregirl said...

WOW! That's quite a belly. :) You know, the US Dollar is sucking quite a bit now, too. I feel your pain.

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Hi Julie - I'm one of your happy etsy customers who has been following your blog for quite a while. I just had to say that is about the cutest pregnant belly I've seen! :)

Congrats on the baby and enjoy the warm season coming your way (I wish that was the case in the U.S. - I am dreading the onset of winter).

Rrramone said...

Woman! You are set to pop! Congrats in advance. :-)

Georgie Love said...

OHMYGODYOU'REHUGE! ;-) No, you are completely, completely, perfectly gorgeous! Love the photos!

My doula commented that your hospital was the BEST and you wouldn't have any troubles getting any kind of birth you wanted. I keep meaning to email you and tell you... and...

successful baby turning happening today! I can use my lungs again! ;-)

That's all my news.


manda said...

ohhh :-) you remind me of me when i was having my first baby.. so exciting...and cuuuute bump. not long now...