Friday, October 10, 2008

Mail Me Art Book

How cool! The Mail Me Art project book is available for pre-order from Amazon. I'm pre-ordering my copy now. Mail Me Art was a project run by Darren Di Lieto who is the busy man behind the Little Chimp Society. He invited artists from all over the world to mail him art that was done on the package or envelope right there for posties around the world to see. I wonder what some of the posties thought, and if any went missing along the way... (to decorate a postal workers wall perhaps?) Below was my contribution, which I'm happy to say, was chosen to be included in the book. Check out Mail Me Art for more info.

Life update: Still waiting for our chickens to start laying eggs. I have however been talking to them as I'm sure they will want to give me eggs when they learn to like me :)

Due date for baby is getting closer. I am almost 36 weeks and pretty big. Baby is squashing my ribs. I don't know where my organs have gone as there seems to be no space left for them.

The sun is out and shining, which puts me in a good mood. I am so motivated I am even starting to organise xmas presents.

There is a crazy cow in one of the paddocks that is freaking me out. I am too scared to walk past him as it seems he wants to burst through the fence and play silly cow games with me. The only problem is, I am not playing kicking games with a 200kg + cow. The dogs are also scared of him.



Kirsty campion said...

That is sooooo cool....I am straight over to order my copy too!! I saw your entry when you sent it and thought about sending one too....But thought toooooo long as usual!!!!

lil kim said...

Hey Jules! Was away for a bit so just catching up on everything. You've been busy! Love the painting with the stitched matteboard.

and what is that kids show? It's soo cuuute! I want a party in my tummy too!

and yes, japanese everything is so funky isn't it? THough from the looks of it your mum and you can make some pretty funky things too!

All the best for the grand countdown! (how long to go now?) xxoo

binny said...

hi jules, is the other illo forum still going, i am just returning to earth after my second bub is 3 months, you look great, good luck for the big event, i am looking forward to finally doing some illos and etsy again, Binny