Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New Arty Crafty Stuff

First of all, I thought I'd show you how I framed the painting I did recently, which is now hanging in Incube8r Gallery. I felt I didn't just want to throw it in a generic frame (which are wonderful most of the time) so I decorated the mat board with paint and fabric & stitching, and painted the outer wooden frame. I then hacked into the paint with a blade to give it that worn effect.

I'm trying to get a few more arty pieces together for Incube8r before the baby is born. Which is only about 5 weeks away!!! (Freak out!)

So these are some little mini art plaques I completed this morning. I intend to add to them some sort of little hangers and pop them into Incube8r as well. I made up names quickly & spontaneously for them. I am in a silly mood, hence the silly names. They are a mixture of collage, paint, felt and fabric & stitching on mini wooden plaques.

We have, Girl Thinking & Doing:

Bubble Dog:

and Squeezy Love Elephant:

And here they are all in a set. I think clusters of paintings look better together, and I think these are no exception :)

Hope you like!

I'll leave you today with a picture of our little ant in the sun. ("Little Ant" is just one of her many nicknames. Others include Peepee Deluxe, Deluxified, Piss Ant, Business Class, Piddle Pop, Brown Dog, Peepee... I'm sure I have probably told you some of her nicknames before but I love saying them so sorry if I'm repeating myself!)
Under the Oak tree out the front is one of the dogs favourite spots to laze about. And I can see them there from the kitchen window (this was taken from the kitchen) whilst I'm working away doing kitcheny stuff. I am loving that tree at the moment, especially with it's new bright green spring leaves & when the sun is out. I am soooo very thankful for the warmer weather that is slowly heading our way.

Well, I'm off now to weed a garden bed that will soon be filled with strawberry plants. Then I'll mulch it with pine needles, coz apparently that's what strawberries love. Adios Amigos!


Margie Oomen said...

I love these new works of yours. When I saw them on flickr I thought maybe they were pins . So hard to judge size in photographs. Great idea to add the felt and painted edges. Come to think of it if you shrunk they down they would also make awesome pins.

thetinylittlegirl said...

love these new works!!

annax said...

You do the loveliest work!

Best wishes to you in this last part of your pregnancy! How exciting!