Monday, October 06, 2008

Some Things I Have Learnt From Being Pregnant

-Belly rings are not the best body embellishment to have when your skin stretches so tight that the skin can't handle it.

-Band aids on a tight-skinned stomach can cause stretchmark like damage when you pull them off. A tip is to not use band aids on your stomach whilst pregnant!

-Most people think you're some sort of freakish deluded wanna-be-hero if you have plans for a natural drug free labour.

-Gravity suddenly becomes something that is a bother, and the floor seems like such a far, far away place.

-Socks are bothersome items of necessity.

-Shoe horns are frequently thought about and considered quite a nifty invention.

-Being somewhat of a person that doesn't usually go with mainstream trends and ways, I find it quite disheartening that mainstream ways of dealing with labour and birth is just another one of those bothersome things in life where I just have to be different. Roll eyes here. (Thankfully, my chosen hospital seems to be mostly in cohorts with my desires and beliefs- by sheer luck.)

-Most maternity clothes are overly expensive (for a short lived item of need) and designed for nobody in my age group.

-As Dr Phil would say: "Opinions are likes arses, everyone's got one."

-Moments of fleeting reality checks that something so profound is about to happen to my body are somewhat scary and exciting at the same time.

-Women that work up until they are due to pop are making people like me lolling about the house all tired and complain-y look really bad.

-Baby stuff is really cute. Some baby stuff is not so cute.

-Doctors are all individuals and do not know everything.

Here's me and my Mum. This is a shot from when I was 31 weeks. I am now 35 and a little bigger! :)


Georgie Love said...

-sleeping and the overall feeling of being comfortable is incredibly under rated.

- pregnancy is so NOT sexy.

- shoes are as over rated as socks are.

- Why haven't fly-on underpants been invented?

- There is no need to comment on my waddling.

- it's not normal or beautiful to wake up and find stretch marks next to your belly button that WERE NOT THERE yesterday.

- I am capable of having conversations other than about babies / pregnancy / babies and pregnancy related items.

Caroline said...

"Most people think you're some sort of freakish deluded wanna-be-hero if you have plans for a natural drug free labour."

NO KIDDING! Hubby and I are planning a home birth. To some people this equates to "we're giving birth in a barn."

And velcro: It's not just for kindergartners' shoes! Because I can't bend over long enough to tie a proper bow.

Anonymous said...

Yay for your natural birth! I have had 5 homebirths myself, and loved them.

I'll be sending you happy birthing vibes. :)

cheeky monkey said...

Just a thought on the belly rings - I bought a couple of long, plastic-type totally flexible retainers from ebay for my mummy tummy and so far, they seem to be doing a great job. Search for [pregnancy belly] in [jewellery] and it brings up a few options.

annax said...

Oh what a great list!!
I just grinned and grinned.
I have five children, and my youngest is a twin of 3 years old. I had all my children the natural way, with no drugs whatsoever. I feel I healed and recovered so quickly. I was never in hospital for longer than 24 hours.
I wish you the best in the upcoming birth. How exciting. It is the purest magic!

Joy to you!

Anonymous said...

i hate the fact that so many people have to tell you that your "huge" can't they just say your belly has gotten big or is growing...way better than hearing that i'm so huge i look like i'm going to 7 months...