Saturday, November 22, 2008


And so, life is very busy. Amongst washing clothes with baby vomit on them and nappies, general house chores and looking after the little nugget (she's just found her screaming ability), not much else is getting done! I managed to sit down and half finish a drawing the other day, but that's about it! (I'd show you, but it's a design for someone who might see it here first.)

So to keep you in the loop, here's what's been happening. Appointments, appointments, appointments. And babies really do not know the meaning of keeping an appointment, as she always wants to be fed when it's time to go. Then she'll vomit on everything. Anywayz, some of our appointments have been with specialists and physio's for Stevie's hips. This thing she has on is called a wheaton harness. She has loose hip joints, with the ability to dislocate. She was at higher risk for this problem because she was 1. A breech baby, 2. My first baby, and 3. A girl. I was upset at first about it being put on (I nearly had to leave the room as I was a bit emotional when the physio was fitting it) but I am now ok with it. It's really not a major problem and it is quite common (apparently) so I am grateful that she didn't have any other problems. Makes nappy changes hard though. Especially at the moment as I think she has a case of the runs. Not good in a bub, and she has been checked by the doc (another appointment!) and she's doing ok. It's just now she has nappy rash because of it & I'm doing everything I can but it's still there and I am worried it is causing her pain. Will probably need another trip to the doctor's. Ho hum.

So the harness keeps her hip/leg joints in place until the bones grow and form some more where they will sort of lock-in and wont be able to dislocate anymore. That's my understanding of it anyway. She has to wear it for about 3 months and is only allowed out of it for 1/2 an hour each day when we give her a bath. So, we've already got one month out of the way. Fingers crossed only two more to go and that she wont need any more treatment. She doesn't seem to mind it, it's just a bother to me as it's hard to find clothes that fit her now!

Now to completely change the subject... this is a pic of our first egg from our chooks! And what an egg! Good one girls! We've had quite a few double-yokers since. We also found an egg without a shell in the pen, and I hear that they can lay these one's first off. Weird. Sorry I have no photo of that for you!! It looked pretty gross.

And back to Stevie again, here's Grandpa Steve (my Dad) with Stevie :) I love this photo.

My blog is becoming quite baby intense isn't it? Oh well, hope you don't mind. It's just my life is revolving around this little thing at the moment! I cannot wait to find some time for arting & crafting and blog about that stuff here.

Lastly, a big huge THANK YOU and lots of hugs & kisses from me to all of you who left me lovely congrats messages and comments regarding the birth of Stevie. I love comments. Can't get enough of them. I'm like a comment addict, the more I get, the more I want. Ha!

Oh God is that the time? Already!? Where did the day go?...


futuregirl said...

Pop and the nugget are ADORABLE! Look at that smile on his face. :) It's tough having a child ... but you seem to be getting the hang of it pretty quickly!

leslie said...

awwww, poor little stevemeister! lets hope the weather warms up to some seasonal temperatures so that dressing her won't be so much of a drama, i can only imagine how hard that must be. the nappy is gorgeous though! as is she, of course : )

Smudges and Blips said...

I couldn't help but notice that you are using cloth diapers. We are hoping to do so with our twins once they come. How do you like it so far? (and just a little aside, you have one cute little girl.)

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

I can't remember if I've commented here before, but I've been reading your blog since I bought from your Etsy shop...I'm just looking for the perfect place in my new house to hang your print.

Anyway, I had to comment on the hips. Does Stevie have hip dysplasia? I am 29 years old and two years ago started having hip pain. I had surgery a year ago - still not better. It's not hip dysplasia, but I read a lot about the condition when I was researching my own hip problems. It's great that they caught Stevie's condition when she's so little - she won't even remember the brace and hopefully it will prevent her from ever needing surgery as an adult! Beautiful baby - hope she's good as new in two months.

Gramily said...

I love your blog and this is my first visit. I am Gramily, which is the name of my etsy shop too, though I'm currently on grandparent duty in California, therefore the shop is on vacation. You have one of my mifflettes!

What a treat to meet Stevie, and your dad. They will grow closer and closer, I'm sure as the years go by.

You are one impressive mother. I admire your attitude as you very matter of factly keep on the bright side of attention to the Wheaton Harness, and its inherent challenges. Keep up the good work! As you say, the ordeal is one third over.

Two more comments for now:
Before you appeared in the comment section of my blog, I had favorited your etsy shop, and recognized your avatar!

I NEVER knew a chicken could lay an egg without a shell! Amazing!

My email:

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,

I'm surprising myself by having quite a bit to say about diaper rash. Sad really, I love your artwork - I found your site through Nicole Strasburg's (another one of my favorite artists) and here I am commenting about diaper rash! Embarrassing! All I can say, is when your baby has it, you're so miserable for them. My #2 daughter had diaper rash really, really bad but by #3 I found the magic potion - it's called, don't laugh, Boudreaux's Buttpaste.

I don't know if you can find it Down Under but if you can get your hands on it, it's fabulous. My third has never had to deal with what #2 went through.

Also, I had "fun" problems with my elbows popping out of joint when I was a child so it's great that you're taking care of that now - it's like baby acne - a month after you're done with this stage you'll have already moved on to the next and this will be a dim memory (along with everything else because you're so tired you don't remember anything anyway).

I can't wait to see what your baby inspires you draw!


Shannon Melville said...

HI Julie, I found your blog post interesting to read, hope Stevie's hips recover quickly. You've been tagged
Just copy and past the link below and follow the instuctions.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a beautiful little girl! You are doing an amazing job and seem so relaxed about the whole experience. Paw Paw ointment for nappy rash, can get it from supermarket and does an amazing job! Or Hurstbridge Pharmacy, "Dr, Mangans Nappy Rash Cream", also really effective. Long way to travel but if your ever down this way might be worth a visit. Good luck and enjoy every minute, it goes so quick!!!

Daisy Edwards said...

She's absolutely adorable! The hip issue is fairly common. A family friend's son had to wear the harness for a few months and he is a bundle of bouncing energy now. I;ve always had funny hip/knee joint issues and they're annoying and every so often a little painful..but not horrible! Swimming is the best medicine when she gets older!

I love your work and your new diary of being a's great!

Cheeky Beaks said...

Hi Julie,
Congrats on the adorable Stevie. My Jack had hip dysplasia and had to wear that harness for 6 months. I cried when they put it on as it meant no more baths for a while, just wipe downs. And you're right the poo situation becomes very difficult. His hip was totally fixed with this harness! I used to call him my little frog, and now he runs like a champion.

Missie Krissie said...

Hi Julie,
I just read this post (rather a long time after it was posted)- the nappy rash has probably cleared up now. But I wanted to tell you what worked with my son when he had horrible nappy rash. My Mum told me the get an egg from the fridge and separate the white from the yoke, then rub the white onto the bottom cold. They don't like it my god it works! Clears up in 1 day flat!
Ok, sorry that's all I had to say! lol