Friday, January 16, 2009

Red Bubble

There needs to be lots more arty internetty things happening in Oz. Considering the dollar is extremely tragic, I am no longer buying arty & crafty stuff from abroad. I'm waiting. Patiently.
So, I decided to check out Red Bubble. It's an Aussie site that artists can join and then upload their work to be sold as prints, cards, t-shirts as well as doing other stuff that I wont go in to but you can zip on over there for a look yourself. The site reminds me of the type of thing that Cafe Press has going.

So I signed up myself out of curiosity and made myself a profile. I just uploaded one design to make into a card and I ordered some to check out what the quality was like. They are on quite thick stock and the surface is like a photo. The cool thing is, you can order your own products for a base price and sell them yourself. Or else other people can go to your Red Bubble page and order your products from there.

Here's the image I uploaded. It's a congrats card for a new baby, coz there's lots of 'em popping out lately!! Feel free to order yourself some cards. Who knows, I may even upload more designs in the future, once I get some sort of a life back!

Yes, a life. Raising babies is hard work. I am tired. And hungry. And frequently holding onto my bladder contents because looking after Stevie always comes first. Yes, even before toilet trips.

I should be eating right now, but how can I go on neglecting my blog?

I shall soon go and make myself some food that doesn't involve lots of time to make.

And Happy Birthday, Bender Madden. Me love you long time xxxxxxxx

He's the ripe old age of 7 today.

PS. How cool are old looking photos? I took this with a Polaroid Pack Film camera and 669 pack film. Awesome.


Chrisy said...

oh congrats...that card is fabulous!...hope you get lots of sales thru red bubble!

Smudges and Blips said...

Love the card! From one new mom to another, I just had twins and own a Sleepy Wrap baby wrap and it is a lifesaver! My girls fall asleep instantly in there and my hands are free to get things done like feed myself, use the bathroom, bottles washed, etc. I would recommend one to everyone I know.

Georgie Love said...

I LOVED that card when I received it and also have tons of preg mamas about so will have to invest in some.

I am glad you have embraced caps. NO, I am NOT yelling, I am just very, VERY emphatic about THIS point. Yay! Chances are that I speak like that too, we'll have to see about that one!

Hope today is a good one, with Jimbo home, maybe he could look after her so you can have a long nap and spa. :-D


Kirsty said...

Hi Jules,
I have just bought a polaroid camera and films off ebay and I am loving it. My friends are paying me out saying stuff like "can't you make them look like polaroid on the computer??"....They just don't "get it"
Baby stuff...Yeah the first is the hardest because its the shock of having this little person you are responsible for + all the hard work!! but when no. 2 comes along it is MUCH more relaxed and culture shock!!
You probably just had a heart attack with me mentioning no. 2 but you wait and see the desire comes on all of a sudden!!!