Saturday, January 31, 2009

YAY! No More Stinky Harness!

It's OFF! Goodbye harness, hello freedom!
She still needs an x-ray in a couple of weeks just to make sure everything is as it should be, so fingers crossed that will be the end of it. She can now progress onto being a normal baby and learn to straighten out those little fidgety legs! She feels all floppy to me now, but I love cuddling her with no harness on, it's great.
Life is busy, the house is a mess, she is still waking up sometimes twice a night for feeds which is making me tired. But everything is getting easier. Routine is out the window. Stuff routines, I'm raising a free range baby.

Other business... what's with this crazy heat!? I like the heat but the last few days have been somewhat ridiculous. 43 degrees......!? (That's 109 Fahrenheit). We are in for another hot day today, 37 I hear which is a bit better than over 40. Phew!

Well, I am very rushed as we are going to the shops to pick up some dog food, chook food, human food etc etc before it gets too hot. See ya soon... :)


lil kim said...

I know the heat is crazy isn't it? it got up to 45C yesterday!!! that's just wrong. Trying to stay cool is impossible, and trying to paint with watercolours even harder as they dry so quickly!

Glad Stevie can go free range now, that must feel so much better int this heat. She's growing so fast already!!!

Green Kitchen said...

Free range baby. :)

Anna Lloyd said...

Yay! I was wondering how she was going with the harness. I hope she is coping in the heat ok. Hurrah for cloth nappies!

Chrisy said...

ah free range...the only ethical way to raise a pleased that her harness if off and you can all relax a bit...hope you've got some aircon to keep you sane...