Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Mini Art Quilt Project

Been working on a new project and proudly sticking to my new rule of one project at a time. I've been really drawn to sewing and stitching recently so I decided my latest project would be a mini quilt. I love creating a "painting" using fabric and thread as my paints and paint brushes. I get so obsessed about methods to the point where I think about them all the time. I've been really thinking about hand sewing & how I love it when pieces of fabric are sewn together by hand to form a nice tight join with rather naive stitching. As they get sewn together, the loose folds are pressed down to a new permanent form. I don't know what it is about it, but I just love it. Like this:

I think I have finished all I want to do for the main image. Oh, except I want to knit a little mini scarf for the gal. Then the next step will be to add some batting and some quilting stitches which is such a fun part. Kind of like adding varnish to a painting.

I love love love naive hand sewing and this album cover (Joanna Newsome- The Milk Eyed Mender) has been a favourite sewing piece for me for a long time. So inspiring and probably got a lot to do with the fact that I make so many sewing projects now.

I try to make my stitching naive but while my subject matter is on the naive side I think my stitching always ends up being a little too neat for my liking. I like looking at the stitching on the back of my projects as I like the messy look it has. I wonder if could make a sewing project from the reverse side? There I go again... jumping onto ideas for a new project. Focus girl, focus.


Kirsty said...

I hear ya!!!!....sometimes I feel for those non creative type who just don't "get it"

Chrisy said...

Miniature quilts are great things to work on...you're really drawing with ur needle...and that album cover...wow...

Shannon Melville said...

i understand what you mean about the reverse side sometimes seeming more interesting! and it is always so suprising to see what effect you gets when your not looking! I like how you showed the joining of the three pieces of fabric, and making them flat, maybe it is something to do with making things secure feeling safe and in order? who knows?

Coop said...

Hi Julie, I really like your work and hope that this interests you and your readers. I don't have any entries yet that feature sewing and would love to have one.

I am attempting to amass a large collection of portraits of Frankenstein's Monster in as many different styles and in as many different media as possible as an ongoing art project. The only stipulation is that the size is 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches (standard artist trading card size) and that each card has name, date, location, title and anything else you care to add on the back.

I welcome cards from both amateur and professional artists.

I will be leaving blank cards with instructions and mailing address in galleries, colleges, art shops, on buses, handing them out in the street and wherever else I can think of.

If you think you can spare the time to produce a little something, please send a portrait to:

A Patchwork Of Flesh
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Westcliff on Sea
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Each card I receive will be uploaded at http://apatchworkofflesh.blogspot.com/ to produce an on-line gallery, I then hope to put on an exhibition of these cards in a gallery.