Monday, April 06, 2009

I've Caught the Knitting Bug

I am naughty. I never finished my mini art quilt project before I started something else! I've already broken my new rule of "one project at a time". The quilt is nearly finished though, and I will not be starting anything new until it's done!
But I did recently finish knitting this nappy cover for my little nugget. It lay unfinished for yonks because I made a mistake, and mistakes that you need to fix often make you loose motivation to finish things. Right?
Anyway, so I finished it and then I had caught the knitting bug. So I started a little cardigan for Stevie from this lovely alpaca/ wool blend from my local wool shop. As you can see I'm a fan of the multi coloured wools.

So I will finish the quilt soon & show you when it's done. Promise!

In sleep news we have had a break through. Since introducing dinner to my little girl, she has slept thought the night twice. A full night's sleep is like heaven!

Let's finish up this post with a word from the little gal:

.; u vh n vb h b ,jm v f

Oh my Stevie, your typing skills have really gone downhill since your last post. (Yes, she typed that herself...)


Beck said...

oh congratulations from one who is soooooo with you on the "what me sleep" club. Our little guy didn't start sleeping more than three hours at a time overnight until we started an iron clad routine of dinner, bath and boob all between 5.30pm and 7pm. Am so happy you're starting to get some sleep because wakey babies make for cranky mums.
And it get's so tiresome having to apologise to everyone for alternately biting their head off or bursting into tears - of course that just could just be me!

Anna Lloyd said...

I know how you feel with the sleeping! I've been through it all! It takes determination, persistance and some detective work (I read a lot of books on the subject) and called tresillian, ngala and karitane a zillion times...! It did pay off.

Bobby said...

What's that? A 'one project at a time policy? That's nuts!