Friday, April 03, 2009

Sleep? Sleep? What's that!?

Hey there. My name's Stevie. The girl who has decided she does not like to sleep.

I'm setting out to annoy my Mum. I generally like to have really short naps and then spend the day cranky, unless of course, my Mother is right there in front of me entertaining me. I mean, who wants to sit happily in the stupid bouncer while Mum cleans the shower? Not me! Mum should do that boring stuff while I have my short naps, but she usually eats or naps too, the lazy woman.

Then there's the night time. Waking every two or three hours is my new trick. There's so much playing to be done, so who wants to sleep? So Mum thought I may be waking due to hunger and started me on solids. (I was getting extra hungry during the day, too.) I'm pretty good at eating, love the stuff. I have only had rice cereal and stewed apple so far, but I love it. At first it tasted weird and I spat it out, but it got better with each spoonful, so I gobbled up the whole lot.

Mum is confused about what to do about my sleeping. She's waiting to see if I will magically start sleeping better again at night, but I have news for her... he-he :) She's hoping that when my belly is fuller that I will sleep better. But hey, there's no hurry I reckon. In the meantime she's trying to ignore advice to let me "cry it out", "get rid of the dummy", and "How old is she? 5 months? Oh no, she doesn't need feeding at night." Thanks to sleep school for that last one. I like feeding at night!

So, just thought I'd pop in and say hello coz my Mum is slack when it comes to blogging so thought I'd better post something for you all. And tell you how smart I am, learning how to type already and all.


Missie Krissie said...

Oh dear Stevie, your poor mum. My darling child did the same thing to me and all I can say to your mummy is hang in there because it's just a faze. You little 'sweethearts' like to change things up a bit and never stay the same once we think we've got you sorted out.
Perhaps you could just wake up once tonight? :)

Georgie Love said...

Oh Stevie, please tell your mama that I'm feeling it. I haven't slept for more than 3 hours straight for months - before Ruby's arrival even. SO. Freaking. TIred. We started solids too - Ruby was ready and loves them and even with some extra rice cereal in her bottle at night (AFTER some vegies), still awake every 2-3 hours. Yes. I have given up hope for her sleeping through before she's 15.

She is fortunately getting one 2-3 hour nap a day and 1-2 little catnaps, so I can't complain. Georgie Love is surviving with that time for updating. House is a mess.

Anyway, she's grown and beautiful! It's a good thing, we couldn't let them get away with all the naughtiness otherwise. Im addicted to coffee again, it's the only way I can survive.


(ps: we'd love to see you guys)

Anna Laura said...

Awww Stevie, you are so cute and your Mum sounds like she is doing a fab job as well!