Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Now I Have the Sewing Bug

Yes I do. Leslie has inspired me to sew. She has a bubba just a little older than Stevie and she is so damn prolific and crafty. She sews some really cute stuff, and she passed the bug onto me. So Stevie needed a new cardie, so I thought I'd try to make her one. I got an old cardie of hers and took a pattern off of it and cut up an old vest and used some other bits of material in my stash to make it. The red binding is also recycled fabric.

I tried to quickly take some shots before the little nugget drooled all over it, but alas, that drool comes out pretty fast. Here's what the vest looked like before I cut it up:

I also made her a beanie, albeit a bit big, but at least it will be good for next winter. Softie from Never Enough Hours.

Close up of beanie. I crocheted the flower and the hat bit is obviously knitted.

I am still longing to sew more stuff and also from Leslie's website I found out about Ottobre and have consequently ordered two copies of the mag! I cannot wait for them to arrive and have been eagerly checking the letterbox in anticipation.

And here's a random shot of my sewing companion. Good boy, Bendy.

In farm life news, we have some intruder chooks. We are chook sitting for Jim's boss. Some of them are quite tame and we can pick them up. I like having more chooks, there are something like 9 of them out there now, but you wouldn't know it. We are only collecting an average of one egg a day. Step up your game, chookies!

See you next time x


Fat Mumma said...

Wow this cardigan is beautiful! Well done... I am thinking I may use this idea to do an adult version!


Fat Mumma xx

Kevin H. said...

Hi, I read your post about your Gocco trouble from 2 years ago... (your link popped up when I was searching Gocco troubleshooting). Anyway I am receiving the same trouble with only 1 bulb flashing when I try to expose the screen. The only problem is I am not sure how to advance? I've printed numerous times in the past and have never received this problem?

The batteries seem to work fine ?
I replaced the lightbulb holder with a new one.
Is it the ink I used to print the b/w image?
Do I need a new screen?

Any advice would be so helpful!

leslie said...

oh wow, that cardy is AMAZING!!! i'm so pleased to have inspired you, look what you've created! genius : )

and the baby clothes, they are addictive, hey?

mermaids said...

the cardi, and the baby, are adorable!!! you will love the ottobre mag. the styles are fantastic and the drafting is beautifully done.