Saturday, July 25, 2009

What's Old is New

I got given some vintage knitting patterns by Jim's Mum. There are some real little gems in there. I love looking through old patterns and rethinking them for today in new & different colours. Here are some of my favourite picks from the stash...

I think these little overalls could look good in different colours, they're pretty funky.

There's a pattern book with a lot of little cardies in it, some are quite plain (ie. without lots of frilly bits) and would knit up well with a bit of imagination. I think this little collared cardie is quite cute, I could see it in a brown colour for a girl or boy. How cute would it be over a funky little dress?

Once again, cute but the colours need updating.

And this little funky retro top is great how it is. I love the colours and everything!

I also got a book of little booties. Many of them remind me of the pair I bought for Stevie from an op shop that I get comments about all the time. These would be super cute in many different colour combos- but lets loose the ribbons.

It is to be expected however, that within a stack of vintage patterns we are going to find some patterns that are downright shockers! Some of these made me laugh out loud.

A his and hers set perhaps? So stylish!

All I can say here is... noice.

Shenanigans in the library... hmmmm...

Ok, forget the daggy ones... Now I need to just imagine I actually have the time to sit down and knit all of the cute projects...

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