Friday, September 25, 2009

Modern Retro Textiles

Danger, danger! High likelihood that I will be buying fabric and patterns from the online shop I am looking after for a couple of weeks! Heard of Modern Retro Textiles? I am taking over this online store for two weeks, so if you order anything during this time it's being packaged by my little hands and lovingly sent off to you!

Jim & I know the lady behind it (we live near her- her partner works with Jim), and I was pleased to find out that she sold fabrics and patterns that I love. It's not often you come across this type of coolness and quality merchandise out here in Gippsland, usually you'd have to venture further into town. Then she tells me she's going on holidays and would I like to take over the store for her? Um, yes thank you, I would love to pour over the fabrics and patterns. I feel like I have a mini fabric store in my very own house!

And what is making me feel like the world is a little smaller is that I have been blogging for a little while and feel I have come to acquire some "internet friends" including Kate from Never Enough Hours and Kristen Doran from Cheeky Beaks, and now I am selling their stuff from my house by internet-unrelated coincidence!

These are the products I have my eye on at the moment...

Such sweet Heather Ross unicorny fabric, ooahh..

Funky nappy cover pattern..

Kristen Doran stuff!

Gorgeous Colette pattern..

This skirt is way cute..

Japanese pattern books are always so calming to look through..

How awesome would this fabric look just as some simple cushions?

Oh, and this fabric is just beautiful. I really would like to make Stevie something with this. I am loving yellow shades at the moment (this is more like orange but it still fits in with the hue I am adoring of late)..

Lovely, lovely stuff. And cheap postage rates too for Aussies. I may not be able to sleep tonight because I will want to look at fabric & patterns instead. Joy.


Kate said...

How much fun!! Slightly dangerous though - I'd be broke if I had to do it!

Cheeky Beaks said...

Fun!! Looks like all your profits might go straight back into the business - well that's what happens at my house.