Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Black Pen Refuge

Black pens that either dont work properly or have a short life span seem to somehow always find their way into my home.
Like a stray abandoned pet to an animal lover, these pens send out a subliminal cry for help which I am subconsciously drawn to. They sit on the store shelves waiting for me to come along.. knowing I am there and willing to help a poor lonely soul. Knowing that I will never throw it out, even when nobody else wants it anymore and it just wants a roof over it's head.
I have all breeds of pen: waterproof, non-fading, disc writing, markers, ball points, felt tips; and they come in all different shapes & sizes. Most of them are cross breeds.
Even though I care for these poorly bred pens, I do long for my own well bred pen that I can train up from the start. One that will always be by my side through thick and thin. And be thick and thin.
Then there are the sneaky pens, the ones who weasel their way into my possession pretending to be the real deal. Until I get them home and their flaws start to become obvious. It's usually the pens that have a fear of water.
I can only dream of having the perfect pen, but for now I'll keep caring for my rescued pens. Someone has to do it, and if not me, then who?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rain on my eyelids

Well, bit of a cop-out I'm afraid for the new topic of Illustration Friday. Anyway it's a doodle from one of my sketch books that I did a little while ago and I scanned it in and coloured it up in illustrator. Clean those eyelids, throw away those umbrella's, I say! I was thinking the other day (as I was walking in the rain) how I used to love it when it rained when I was a kid and I'd beg to take a brolly and go out on the street. I was never allowed to though as as my Dad put it: "You'll catch pneumonia." What a fun killer! (I did have an umbrella with me the other day though, but my dog didn't..maybe I can make him a rain coat.)

Monday, June 26, 2006


My partner Jim recently had a stop over in Japan on his last holiday. Isn't he just great for taking these quirky shots for me?.. he certainly knows what I like! We might be going to Japan together next year on our way to Ireland, that is the plan, but who knows? We might decide to do a trip around oz instead although I'd definitely like to fill my head with the quirky colours and imagery from Japan. Would be very inspiring, I am sure. You know, with all these holidays we'll never buy a house :)

Sunday, June 18, 2006


It was Friday again and the topic was announced as 'dance.' Check out these groovers and shakers, I'd certainly like to be invited to one of their parties. Hopefully they'd have pass the parcel and pin the tail on the cross eyed bandit too. The guy on the top's named Ned, the green dude is Terry, the spotty guy is Frankfurt, and last but definitely not least there is Boz shringle. You guys rock!


Did this for Illustration Friday again, but it took me longer than the week to get around to finishing it! The topic Jungle was a good one, as I'm lovin drawin trees lately. When I think of a Jungle, I think of creepy weird creatures and plants that no one's discovered before, hence the creepy weird creatures and plants..

Saturday, June 10, 2006


I started drawing a portrait for Illustration Friday.. it is just one guy.. all the rest of the stuff is just his hat. Then it kinda got turned into a bookmark. I'm liking the idea of Illustration Friday as it's an excuse to create something just to please yourself. It's certainly got me drawing more.