Thursday, July 20, 2006

Old Skool

Check out this old crafty book that my Mum found amounst her Grandmother's old stuff. There are a couple of good patterns in there, for a little 'bambi' and a horse. I love this old stuff. I love the fonts and the artwork they use inside them too. I'm sometimes disappointed at the standard of craft type books today, it's like we have gone backwards in our skills. I have some other old craft books where they teach you to use quite skillful & traditional methods, but in today's mainstream craft books they teach you how to glue a bow onto some cardboard. You really do have to search for the good stuff. Stay tuned for a stuffed toy from this one..!

My life is a sham!

I am really enjoying sketching lately, and I hope other people enjoy looking at my art. I recently had a nasty comment about my work and tried to let it roll off me like water off a duck's back, but being the senstive type that I am, it just hasn't happened. But I'm trying to use this blog as a place for fun and not get too bogged down into making everything look good. That's what my website's for. (Well, my new website, when it comes..)
In the end I really can't let nasty comments get to me. I know who I am, and I am a person that is completely all about art. I think about it, I dream about it, I can't get away from it. The comment that someone made recently made me feel like my life was a sham.. because my art is my life... and to comment that my art is untruthful and fake (which they did, in a way) made me feel like a fake.
It wasn't constructive criticism either; just nasty. So why do I let it bother me?
I can't deny that I am an artist at heart. Even if I decided I didn't want to create anything anymore, it would be an impossible thing for me. Unfathomable. Even when I hate my art and think that I suck, I still can't help thinking about what I'll do next. It's a love/hate relationship; bittersweet.. sometimes it's like a disease! I know other artists and creative people will understand where I'm coming from here... and for all those creative people that never struggle in their endevour for creative perfection... what planet did you come from? (Or tell me what medication you're on!)

Inspiration really IS everywhere

Such as in a toy catalogue. Or junk mail. I knew there was a purpose for it.. it just took me this long to figure it out. I was sitting at my desk wondering where I could get some fresh imagery from, and I reached down into the paper bin and pulled out a toy catalogue. I then gave myself a personal challenge to draw something from every page. Ok, so I got about half way, but that's what vodka does to your motivation and perseverance.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


A sacrificial offering to the gods. Yes, and it's all illustration Friday's fault. I hope this poor bunny hasn't died for no reason.
Again, this was a quick doodle as I'm still in the process of moving house. I'm at my new place now in Victoria, out in the country. I only just set my computer up and am still decorating my studio. I'll post pics of my brand new working space soon. Oh, and my studio is pink! I guess it will add to the cheesy and tackiness of some of my works.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Sketch Book Entry

Another image from my sketch book today. Recurring themes in my doodles are houses, cars, and lately trees. I want to take my sketch book out and draw some crazy houses. What I like to do is take one glance then draw from memory. If I keep looking then the drawing turns out too realistic, which is not what I'm aiming for.
I drew a pic from a train window this way. It was impossible to look up again and still see the same thing I was drawing, so it worked perfectly. (The idea of drawing this way, not my picture..) You can see that sketch here.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


I'm in the process of moving house at the moment. I thought this image was relevant to this topic! It's another doodle from my sketch book that I scanned in and coloured up in illustrator then photoshop. It was hard searching for a house with two big dogs, but we got there in the end. I'm sad about all my art supplies suffocating in dark boxes, but am excited about setting up a brand new studio. I've had heaps of paintings and crafty things in storage for a couple of years, so I just can't wait to get them all out and start creating again. It'll be like a fresh start and hopefully I'll get a fresh burst of motivation and inspiration. I feel like I have just found my style in the last six months, and I'm really eager to continue following it up. Planning on doing heaps of stuff for an exhibition. Looking forward to doing something soon with beck wheeler, check out her stuff it's amazing.
So anyway, I might not be posting a great deal of stuff for about a week, but I will try. My computer's being packed up this weekend and probably wont be set up again till after Wednesday next week. But I love looking around on the net so I'm sure it's something that'll get set up first, and it's a personal challenge not to miss an illustration Friday topic, so I may just have a bit of a late entry.

Just had to post this too: One of my best buddies Tan just sent me an email about her pen situation (see pen refuge story)..
"I think I need to join the Pens are precious friendship society as well.  I have a collection of useless pens from low socioeconomic backgrounds...but they may have some use because they seem to be the only ones that are around when I need to write something down- they write in invisible just enough to read if I press down hard enough. The useful pens are unfaithful and are never there.  Useful pens scurry and hide in dark places, collectively plotting a way not to become useless in the bottom of my bags. Blunt Greyleads also seem to remain faithful."

Those darn pens seem to be troubling more people than just me!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

I dream of ice-cream

This is something I stitched onto a t-shirt not long ago.

Mr Prototype

Here he is in all his glory... a tester as I wanna start making some things to sell. Do you think he'd sell? Would YOU buy one? (I welcome all comments & suggestions..) I just painted some of his features and stitched the rest... I plan on doing the colours in different fabrics rather than paint. But for now he's getting stuffed in a box coz I gotta move house, moving back to glorious Victoria, oh Melbourne, how I have missed thee..
Oh, and hey I was thinking of calling them 'shelf sitters'.. kind of like 'fence sitters', but different. You know what a fence sitter does. They just sit there and do nuthin. I think my characters have a very blank dumb look about them, which I kinda like.. it's like they're in another world and completely oblivious to everything else... so there's my warp on the 'fence sitter' meaning.. so subsequently they become 'shelf sitters'.


Stuff just keeps sticking to me... houses, people, gunk... what can ya do?