Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mini quilt

Inspired by the mini quilt that I saw a while ago that Green Kitchen made, and also by the georgeous little quilts that Angry Chicken makes, I decided to make one of my own.. but in my style.
First I hand painted my image onto white fabric, then hand quilted/ stitched all the outlines and detail. I've never done any quilting before, so it was a new experience for me. I've really been getting into sewing lately. I can't stop playing with it now, like all cute blankets, cushions and other soft things, it just cries out to be touched.
Other than finishing this today I have been sitting at my desk staring blankly into space.. I have no inspiration, I think I just used it all up. Nothing is coming to me. Maybe its time to get my bookwork in order... uuurrrrgghhh.
UPDATE: This mini quilt is now in my etsy shop!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Excitement is building!

For The Thirsty Flowers! Here's some of the guys from Hardie Grant Egmont (the publisher):
Crazy kids! I love this photo, it cracks me up.
The launch will be held soon at Books Illustrated where we'll be having a combined launch & exhibition with some of the artworks up for sale.

I've recently added two more new links from a couple of my illustrator friends that also blog: Sarah Davis & Lil Kim. Enjoy ;)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Two more fawns.. my etsy shop!
Sorry I haven't been posting as regularly as usual, I have just been quite busy. The house is a mess and the dogs need a big walk! I have missed two illustration friday's, well, maybe one as the week's not over yet and things are starting to slow down now.. so I may just squeeze one in! I started making a mini quilt on the weekend too which had turned out exactly how I wanted it to. Don't you just love that!? So I'll post that soon, promise.
I haven't had a chance to play with my new gocco yet either, but I will get there!
Edit note: Ok, so I could only get one up for now, I was trying to take a better photo of one, and as usual, my camera's gone flat. I need a beer. Any excuse.

Monday, September 18, 2006

What a cutie!

Made this last night, from a pattern from an old craft book that was my Great Grandmother's that I wrote about recently. She's made from green felt, stitching and beads & is now in my etsy shop. I'm really happy with her, I think she's just georgeous!
In the tradition of being all cute & crafty today, I've just added Creative Swoon to my links list... very nice. Along with The Black Apple who has really nice work & Sarah Davis who is also an aussie illustrator like me.
And a special thankyou to Mimu for letting me know about the blank babushka dolls for sale at Keith and Lottie, for any of you creative aussies out there that feel like painting up their own babushka dolls.. and I know there are plenty of you! It can sometimes be hard to find obscure things like this down under. So, thanks Mimu :)

Friday, September 15, 2006

Illustration Friday: Farm

Whoa, a bit slow on the uptake here... least I still made it in with a day! This piece is a doodle from my sketch book, then scanned in and played around with in photoshop. Curse the mouse for drawing on computer.. I'd really like one of those drawing tablets, but considering I'm really not doing alot of digital work lately it's hard to justify it. I once heard someone liken drawing with a mouse to drawing with a block of soap.. and I don't think they were far off the mark.. :P
Anyway, it's just a quickie this week, I've been quite busy. Started a commission job today, been working on a few pieces for an exhibition, finishing off an old commission, got a copy of my book!! and some other stuff that's been going on in life that's taken up alot of my time lately.
Plus I got a gocco! How sweet is that!? Can't wait to try it out.. but first I want to finish all my unfinished work..

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New Etsy Shop!

Introducing my new etsy shop "Tummy Ache!"

I have a few items listed, but need to get some better pics of some of the other things in this photo. It's 3.30am and the light in here is not good for taking photos, as you can well see, and my camera's about to go flat! All stuff is hand made by me and I plan to be updating with new items regularly, so check back regularly if you like my stuff. Let me know what you think, do you heart or hate?!

Here's some cool links for you link-a-holics:
This girls stuff is really really good. Just discovered it. Love her work. Malota. Liz Adams also rocks. Drip! has some really good work and is an interesting read.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Some things I have learnt from being an artist

I have learnt that you can't get too bogged down in trying to make everything you create worthwhile & fantastic. I have learnt that you need to have fun & not worry if anyone else likes your work or not.
I believe that it is extremely important to use a sketch book. This is a place where your stuff does not have to be spectacular & the pressure is taken off. It is also a place to experiment & play, and therefore new and exciting ideas will follow. If you're trying to find your style I believe that this is where it will be found.
I often find myself thinking about art, why I need to create art and why everyone else is driven to create art whilst I'm working. I've been thinking lately about what makes a piece of artwork great, and I believe that it is some of these things:
Design: The layout & composition of your piece. I don't think the subject matter is important in making an aesthetically pleasing piece, but rather how you draw it and what you do with it. A great artist can make a few blobs on a piece of paper look fantastic.
Contrast. Not always, but alot of the time I feel this is an important aspect. I look back on some of my old work and they lack contrast in tones and colour. Alot of the pieces were just way too dark all over. I have really lightened up my recent work, and it looks good when I add some darkness to it here and there, so I concluded that contrast is an important factor when trying to make an artwork look better.
The last point I'll say today is: Fluke! Sometimes when you have the talent and knowledge you'll just fluke one of those excellent pieces that everyone loves. I think it's hard (for me anyway) to know exactly what a piece is to turn out like from the idea in my head. I find if I put too much research or planning into a piece it turns stale and I'm scared to stray from the plan. Freshness & freedom is important to me in my work.
Hope you've enjoyed this little insight into my brain & the thoughts I've been having lately whilst creating art. It's like a meditative state sometimes. Of course everyone's work & style is different and the rules to art is there are no rules. Never take anything anyone teaches you as gospel, unless it really sits well with you and feels right, then I think you can take it on board.
(The sketch is just a little doodle I did in front of the telly the other day.)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Painting for Illustration Friday

"My Safe Place." When I got this weeks Illustration Friday topic 'safe', this was the image that came into my head. I wanted to show a home, as this is the safest place for me. It's not me though, coz I don't have a cat.. or a magazine holder! The paint in the background is quite textured.. I built it up with layers of acrylic paint. This is probably the most time I've spent so far on an Illustration Friday topic.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Prickie button badges

I've got my own prickie button badges for sale! Go have a look at my page through this link: my prickie page.
How exciting. In other news I've been working hard at getting my etsy shop up and running so shouldn't be too far away. My sewing machine has finally been fixed after all it's clunking and erratic stitching, but today I really must finish a commission I've been working on.
As always I welcome feedback and comments regarding these designs, hope you like them.
Have a rockin weekend everyone!