Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Etsy Front Page!

My "Snap" print is featured on Etsy's home page today.. I always get a thrill when my stuff appears on the front page of Etsy! BTW do all you mac users know you can easily take a screen shot on your computer by pressing the command (apple), shift & 3 keys all at one!? Brilliant! Mac's are so easy to use.

Well, it's short and sweet for me today as I have three illustrations to finish before tomorrow.. looks like I might be working into the night..


Jenn Maruska said...

: ) !!!

futuregirl said...

Yay yay yay!!!

p.s. PCs have a "print screen" button. We can take screen shots by pressing one button. Who's a rock star now?! :)

Jules Madden said...

lol futuregirl!! Why are there programs ut there to do this same thing we can do for free???

Anonymous said...

fantastic!! Thank you for your pic too - can't believe I haven't bought your stuff earlier! It is so clever and original.

Anonymous said...

yippee for you! in fact, i love all 4 of your pieces together in your etsy sidebar over on the right. :)

Anna said...

Hey Julie, thats cool! It must be exciting! :) Good luck on completing your illustrations


Alexei Martins said...

Wow!!Nice blog!!Love your art!!!So cool!!!


Jennifer said...

Congrats on that! It's always a little exciting when that happens because all of a sudden people start buying!

Anonymous said...

Yeay!! Congratulations on the front page! Your work is so lovely!!

Shell said...

Hey, so cool! I'm on there too! Second piccie from the top on the left - I was so excited to see it up there. Congrats to you!

Majeak Ann said...

and looks great!
congrats Julie.. ^ ^
And hey I have a new blog:
Stop by, say hi!
Bye for now, kiss*

Anonymous said...

You can also hit command+shift+4 and select an area of your screen to print! Also, after you do that hit space bar and it'll turn into a camera, which will print the window! LOL!

you can tell i'mma a mac geek.
Once you go mac, you can't go back!