Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Print in Shop

New Print in the shop as of now, which you can find here.
Trees, trees, trees. Can't help it, can't be stopped. I do worry that it is such a trend at the moment and feel like I am part of the tree band-wagon. Though I picked up a copy of Juxtapoz magazine (May 2007 issue to be exact) recently where they had an interview with Mark Ryden. (Who can resist getting a glimpse into his mind- it had to be bought.) His talks about this tree trend, as his latest exhibition is a tree show.
There's a quote in there that has really stuck in my mind. He freaked out a bit because of the tree trend, as all artists want to be original. He goes onto say he thinks there is a vibe out there, that no one is intentionally copying one another, but rather that the idea is shared by more than one artist. He follows with the thought that it would be incredibly egotistical of him to think that he actually started the trend, or that he owns it, and that people were copying him.
I think that that is so true. There is some sort of vibe out there. Many times I have used a certain technique or design only to find that similar idea or usage in a picture I've never seen before. It kinda freaks me out sometimes.

So, I think I will just relax and draw trees if I want to. Settle in to the natural evolution of the art process and accept that I'm an artist in my own right.



Anja said...

Wonderful. I love your new yellow picture series.

leslie said...


Shell said...

Of course you should just draw trees if you want to and not worry about it. Especially when the results are so darn awesome! :)

Michelle Lana said...

i love this!

jim bradshaw said...

Trees are not a property owned by some trend. They were here long ago and will always be loved by artists. And your trees are just plain cool.

Anonymous said...

Lovely work - I enjoyed my first visit to your blog!
I think there is a bird vibe around at the moment too - I'm 'doing' birds, and since I've started I am seeing them everywhere. Isn't this (and your tree thing) just heightened awareness because that's what we're into at the moment?

Anonymous said...

I know what you are saying. But just do what feels good for you. Trees might lead you into another realm that has a uniqueness to it. What hasn't been done?

Check this out too. http://www.flickr.com/photos/driftwould/558161080/

Melissa said...

Found you through Etsy. I LOVE this! Keep drawing all the trees you want, they look FAB.