Monday, June 04, 2007

New Print & Sunday Doodling

This new print is in the shop as of now which you can find here.
I finished this piece on the weekend.

My weekend highlights consisted of five games of ten pin bowling which resulted in a cracked nail that's split where it's attached to my skin. It doesn't hurt but I bet it will if I catch it on something and tear it off!! (The cracked nail wasn't a highlight, but winning one of the games was.) A visit to a home renovators show where we discovered dog-scratch-proof flooring! Fantastic, as my dogs will always be inside dogs. A few beers, some disastrous polenta which fell apart whilst frying (but still tasted great thanks to all the parmesan cheese in it), watching episodes of Darkplace on dvd (as we succumbed and bought the dvd from amazon UK), one cosy backyard fire with our 'outside couches' complimented with pistachio nuts and jasmine tea, and a few games of table tennis and a tragically unskilled game of hacky sack.
AND some drawing and creating!
Now I need a weekend to recover from the weekend!

Here's a Sunday doodle I'm sharing with you, my blog readers. The text is a section I stole from a song I heard whilst playing ping pong. I don't know who the song is by but it is a cute little thing! The speech bubble says "I like giants. Especially girl giants."


Stacey said...

You've gotta hate those cracked nails - especially as there's nothing you can do about them.
My nails are really weak so I keep them super short. I toyed with falsies once, but as I had horses and played a lot of tennis (not with the horses) I kept popping them off every time I'd pick up a ball or get them tangled in the horses mane.

Anna said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend (nail issues aside)! If you were in NZ you could had a 3 day weekend (Queens birthday, dont know if you have in Aussie, or on the same day).

I like the hairy creature (Chewie?)

Unknown said...

That print of the odd couple is sooo great! I love the colours! How did you print it?

Anonymous said...

ouch! so sorry to hear about that nail, but the colors in that new print are so incredible. :)

Willie Baronet said...

Love both of these! :-)

jim bradshaw said...

Well, I think I like girl giants now. This would be so cool in color. Not that it isn't already cool. Very nice odd couple print. I can't get enough of your characters.

pamela michelle said...

ouchie! I always rip off my finger nails while bowling. Oh well, it's worth it.
Nice artwork! My first time to stop by, and I really like what I see! :)

Donni said...

I really love your creativity - naive innocence, out of the box to borderline bizarre... now you have some bling and maybe a preconceived notion to grow up, hmmm... who knows where you will head next but I will enjoy checking in from time to time just to see... ;) Cheers, Donni

Anonymous said...

the song is by Kimya Dawson, it's a beautiful song.