Friday, September 28, 2007

Sarah Giufre- Umbrellas are Useless

I'm mighty proud to say that this is my long-time-buddy Sarah Giufre & her beautiful new clip to her song "Umbrellas are Useless". This music video was directed by TRAITOR/Thomas Pullar, and is a contender in the 2007 Music Oz awards!! If you are an Aussie with a mobile phone it would be FANTASTIC if you can head over to The 2007 Music Oz Awards to get the simple details on how to vote. I know I will be and getting everyone I know to do it too! I have first hand information directly from Sarah that she is willing to kiss the feet of anyone who votes!
By the way, take a special look at the plant/flower/piano thingy at the start. I wonder who drew this? *Grins cheekily* The necklace she's wearing also looks mighty familiar, though I'll have to confirm on that one..

Sarah and I are planning and scheming a creative project together at the moment. If all comes to fruition you may hear about that later on down the track. But my lips are sealed for now!

Great job on the clip guys! Beautiful!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend Happenings

Saturday doodling. The fish creature was inspired by some glass art I saw in Melbourne on Saturday. Freaky little glass creatures hanging from the roof in a gallery. They were cute, weird & colourful all at once.

Then we headed over and saw Hung By The Sticky Bits which is an exhibition on now off Flinders Lane in Melbourne featuring a variety of artists including fellow illustrator Beck Wheeler. Check out the bit of street art she did outside the gallery.

Inside there were painted walls all up the staircase, and inside the gallery. I loved the art, such a variety. I was in awe of the effort Beck went into setting up the whole thing.
Walking into the alley where the gallery is situated was like walking into another world.

It's so inspiring going to check out exhibitions, though because of where I live I don't really get out to do it that much. Must make more of an effort in the future. I also need to keep in the loop of what is out there. If I did keep myself in the loop I definitely would've gone to see this. Awesome, awesome, awesome. I just love discovering new artists whose work excites me, and these guys do just that.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Pendants

So, here are the pendants I've been working on all finished! I'm busy adding them to my etsy shop now. I tell you they look really cool on, I wore one one night and got numerous comments on it. It's always good to be able to reply to the question of where I got it: "I made it!"
They're nearly all added, though right now my stomach's crying out for attention. Must be lunch time!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The First Necklace Hits The Shelves..

So, this is an example of the necklaces I have been making recently. The process uses resin. I have been having good and bad times with resin. I always get scared using products that have a finality about them. For instance, once it's poured on, you can't make a mistake or else it's ruined. Anyway, I'm getting to know how the resin works, and practise makes perfect.
I made a batch recently that I entirely botched. It ended up with me being completely frustrated, my hands covered in resin (and I couldn't find anything to get it off), and the whole batch went into the bin! Live and learn! So, I went and got a tool that helped with the resin process. A nifty little butane torch that you glide over the top and it pops all of the little bubbles. Brilliant!

Above is the "Wandering Horse" design. You can find it in the shop here.

Here's a sneak preview of some other designs in the making on my messy desk. This is before I add the resin to them. The resin is now added and they'll be finished off tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Horse Stack

Everyone needs a horse stack. What kind of sub human being would you be without one? I finished this one off today and is in the form of a print over at tummyache as of now.

You can also find an interview with me on Indie/Pretty/Perfect if you feel like a bit of a read. Why the hell not, you say?

I've also been doing some refurbishment over at Creative Aussie Links which you may be interested to see. I'm dedicated to finding the best damn art & craft supplies out there, and have many more up my sleeve to feature. I'm still interested to hear suggestions from my readers, too. And if you're an Aussie with a blog or Etsy shop, shoot me an email and I'll pop you in the links list. It's a free-for-all lovey-dovey links list!

Well, that's it for today googley-eggs. Enjoy the rest of your day/evening/night wherever you are. x

Friday, September 14, 2007

Yael Fran & Her Etsy Artist Pins

Yael Frankel who resides in Buenos Aires has started making pins from other Etsy artists work. Find this one of mine here. She has some more of my designs so you may find some newbies in her shop soon.
She's got alot of other cute stylish pins in her shop, one of my favourites being these little guys. Although they are supposed to be racoons, they do remind me of koalas... :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Slack Blogger Is Back

Juggling illustration, shop orders, prints, art, dogs, and general life can sometimes get chaotic, as I'm sure you're all aware! Which doesn't leave much time for blogging. I've been a busy little beaver, making some new necklaces for Incube8r Gallery in Smith St, Fitzroy, utilising some of my artwork. Hang around and you might just see some appear in the shop soon. They've been popular little things, I'll try and get some work-in-progress shots to feast your little eyes on. Incube8r Gallery also held their launch last week, which seemed a successful night resulting in bodies being crammed into the shop space with not much room to move at all. I didn't even get a chance to do my sneaky little thing of hanging by my work to hear some genuine feedback whilst the viewers are unaware that the creator is standing right next to them!

My Dad is on holidays. Five weeks, the lucky bugger. Below you will find what a mixture of holidays, his train set and a camera will amount to. He sent me these photos with the title "Disaster in Diamond Creek." He assures me there was only one fatality but the body was removed before the shots were taken. Thank God for that.

Well, so it hasn't been ages since I last posted, but I do put pressure on myself to live up to my own expectations. I expect so much from myself each week which sometimes puts a little too much pressure on myself and ends up with me feeling a little depressed and like a failure. I'm sorry to always be so negative (feel like I'm doing that a bit lately), though I have to show the good and the bad don't I? I can't pretend that my life is all happy-go-lucky like I sometimes make out here. We all try to put our best foot forward, though I don't want to give anyone a false impression of me.

Now I'm off to get busy with resin for the necklaces previously mentioned. It's also been a great week for mail and prints arriving so I'll dust the camera off and take some happy snaps of all that stuff too. Seeya next time.