Friday, October 19, 2007

Illustrators Australia 9x5 Exhibition

I'm happy to once again be a part of the annual Illustrators Australia 9x5 exhibition. This is my piece called "A Part Of Me". It's mixed media (pen, pencil, paint) that was originally done on paper then mounted onto the provided 9x5 wood panel & sealed.
The opening night is on the 25th of October from 6pm onwards, held at Space 39, Level 2, 39 Little Collins Street, Melbourne. Come check it out if you can. All pieces will be up for auction on the night, there is also an online bidding system for people that can't physically be there. As with ebay, you can put in your maximum price to see if you can score the piece you are interested in. Check this link for more info and to see all of the art available.
Ooh, there's a few pieces in there I'd like to see hanging on my walls!

p.s. I was driving home from my Dad's the other day and saw something I love to see. And my after thought was, "Is there anything more gorgeous than seeing two ducks with a trail of baby ducks waddling along behind them?"

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to an Ace Friend!

Happy Birthday Yenski!
She will be getting this card very soon, I liked how it looked so thought I'd post it here. I don't think she'll look at my blog before she gets it, coz she's only got dial-up the poor chicken. I think I would wither and die without my kind-of-fast internet!

Here she is rocking out like she does best. So talented. Can draw, paint, sew, sing, play musical instruments, make humour, drink beer with me and make the best damn vegie lasagne I've ever eaten. She also did a good job of turning 30. I'm right behind you lovey!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Shop Update

Four new originals are now listed in the shop. We have "Maybe Next Time":


"At The Corner":

and "Closed Eyes, Red Socks".

There's a decent description of each piece in their separate listings. They are all done using a variety of techniques including pen, biro, coloured pencil, & acrylic paint. I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

I Was Just There

That's the name of this new print now available in the shop. It's about time I added a new print! I am happy with how this has turned out. It started off as a drawing in my moleskine sketch book, then kept evolving with more work, scanning it into the computer then working on it some more.
Some of you may be pleased to know that I have been working on a few originals that I hope to get into the shop very soon. I shall be blogging about that when the time comes.
But for now kiddies I am off to start stressing about my upcoming dentist appointment. When I come back I shall be two teeth lighter. Ugh. Not really how I want to spend my Friday!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Typical Laser Beacon & Bizarro World

Yes, yes it is.
There are so many reasons why I find this pic funny. Hilarious. So hilarious in fact that I have had this picture for years, and I always laugh when I see it. It's from one of Jim's old computer games from when he was a kid. I was looking through the instruction book and came across this little beauty. I have been meaning to put it onto a t-shirt for years, but thought I'd share this with you all first.
Some funny things get old. This is not one of those things. I'm going to be laughing at this pic until the day I die.

Yesterday I found something which made me feel I was living in bizarro world. First look at my dogs. Doberman & Rotti cross. Then look at this.
B-I-Z-A-R-R-O W-O-R-L-D!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Blog Updating

If you're coming over for a visit, please excuse the mess! I'm updating my blog template and at the moment things are looking a little terrible! I'll have it all sorted out soon ;)

Ahhhh. Much better. One thing that's bugging me is the writing looks different in my post with the youtube video in it. Computers eh? Annoying!