Saturday, December 13, 2008

Stevie Photos

See my last post where I talked about my Auntie Di who kindly knitted those sea creatures for me? Well, creativity runs in the family, as her daughter, my cousin Kez took some family photos for us. She usually takes band photos, and she said she didn't have much practice taking family shots like these, but I reckon she did a pretty good job!

This was still when Stevie was just home from the hospital... she has grown a little bit now. Almost two months old already! But I still wanted to show them here.

Here she is sleeping in her cot...

...and again... ooohhhhh :)

Lovey times...

Sweetie pie...

Big hands, little hands...

Us as proud parents...

Daddy & daughter...

And finally, the whole clan...

So there you go. I'll have to take some more recent shots soon.

I am finding this Mum gig a little hard at the moment, which is why I haven't been blogging (or creating) much. She has really been unsettled and crying lots so when I do get spare time I try to sleep, but really, I'm usually cleaning or washing.

Good news is... the specialist thinks Stevie's hips feel good so probably most likely only another 5 weeks in the harness! We are looking forward to the day that comes off :)

See ya soon... I can hear she is waking up...

Monday, December 01, 2008

Crafting Time- Finally!

Have been managing to find some time for crafting, between the nappy changes and feeding. This is a mobile that my Auntie Di knitted the creatures for, and I turned it into a mobile for above Stevie's change table. She likes to look at this because it's got nice bright colours and contrast.
The patterns were from hansigurumi's etsy shop. There are some more awesome patterns there that I'd love such as these spiders that really do gross me out and make my skin crawl, but would be a perfect gift for my Mum, who I think is slightly evil as she loves spiders and horror movies. Check out the fangs on them! Urgh! I can't believe how out of control my spider fear is if I get goosebumps from knitted softie ones!
So I kinda took the idea of making the mobile up from this Blabla mobile. I liked the look of how the knitted theme was continued in the make up of the whole mobile.

The last photo is a works-in-progress shot of some purses that I have started making that will be eventually for sale in one of the places that you can find my stuff. Oh yeah, and one of these places, Georgie Love has a fantastical new website. It looks great, have a look and see so for yourself :)

Coming soon: more Stevie photos, a published crafty book announcement, and a new print for the reopening of my etsy shop.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


And so, life is very busy. Amongst washing clothes with baby vomit on them and nappies, general house chores and looking after the little nugget (she's just found her screaming ability), not much else is getting done! I managed to sit down and half finish a drawing the other day, but that's about it! (I'd show you, but it's a design for someone who might see it here first.)

So to keep you in the loop, here's what's been happening. Appointments, appointments, appointments. And babies really do not know the meaning of keeping an appointment, as she always wants to be fed when it's time to go. Then she'll vomit on everything. Anywayz, some of our appointments have been with specialists and physio's for Stevie's hips. This thing she has on is called a wheaton harness. She has loose hip joints, with the ability to dislocate. She was at higher risk for this problem because she was 1. A breech baby, 2. My first baby, and 3. A girl. I was upset at first about it being put on (I nearly had to leave the room as I was a bit emotional when the physio was fitting it) but I am now ok with it. It's really not a major problem and it is quite common (apparently) so I am grateful that she didn't have any other problems. Makes nappy changes hard though. Especially at the moment as I think she has a case of the runs. Not good in a bub, and she has been checked by the doc (another appointment!) and she's doing ok. It's just now she has nappy rash because of it & I'm doing everything I can but it's still there and I am worried it is causing her pain. Will probably need another trip to the doctor's. Ho hum.

So the harness keeps her hip/leg joints in place until the bones grow and form some more where they will sort of lock-in and wont be able to dislocate anymore. That's my understanding of it anyway. She has to wear it for about 3 months and is only allowed out of it for 1/2 an hour each day when we give her a bath. So, we've already got one month out of the way. Fingers crossed only two more to go and that she wont need any more treatment. She doesn't seem to mind it, it's just a bother to me as it's hard to find clothes that fit her now!

Now to completely change the subject... this is a pic of our first egg from our chooks! And what an egg! Good one girls! We've had quite a few double-yokers since. We also found an egg without a shell in the pen, and I hear that they can lay these one's first off. Weird. Sorry I have no photo of that for you!! It looked pretty gross.

And back to Stevie again, here's Grandpa Steve (my Dad) with Stevie :) I love this photo.

My blog is becoming quite baby intense isn't it? Oh well, hope you don't mind. It's just my life is revolving around this little thing at the moment! I cannot wait to find some time for arting & crafting and blog about that stuff here.

Lastly, a big huge THANK YOU and lots of hugs & kisses from me to all of you who left me lovely congrats messages and comments regarding the birth of Stevie. I love comments. Can't get enough of them. I'm like a comment addict, the more I get, the more I want. Ha!

Oh God is that the time? Already!? Where did the day go?...

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Birth Story!

(story removed)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Introducing to you...

Our little daughter, Stevie Nell Madden. And I must say, I am in love. Other than the ups and downs of learning how to look after a baby, and the fears of keeping this little thing alive and kicking, generally I am over the moon about our little bundle of joy. I cannot stop staring at her little face and giving her hundreds of kisses.

(image removed)

So, just over two and a half weeks early I went into labour on Tuesday night the 21st of October, and 4 hours later, Stevie was born. I have quite a birth story to tell you, and one of which I am very proud of and feel that it is my greatest achievement to date. I feel teary when I think about it and I have all the awesome staff at the Warragul hospital to thank for the way it all turned out. It was intense and painful, but also very amazing at the same time. The memory is already starting to fade, so when I get some more time I am going to write it down so I don't forget the details. It feels like it happened about six months ago already! For now I'll just show her off to you guys, and get into the nitty gritty later.

Here is Jim, me & Stevie at home. We came home on Saturday, after I spent a few days in hospital.

(image removed)

Here is Stevie doing what she does best, sleeping.

(image removed)

This is me with my little cocoon baby still in hospital.

(image removed)

Here is my labour-room hero and the little nugget.

(image removed)
Some more snaps at home in the backyard.

(image removed)

And a shot of us right after the birth in the birthing suite.

(image removed)

So I'll leave you with those photos for now, and few words but I promise I will be back soon with more. For now I need to go and regain some energy and do some chores before the little sweetheart starts demanding her next feed.

Hope you've enjoyed our photos :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Falling Dollar

The really weak Aussie dollar has meant that for my overseas customers, prints in the shop are at reduced prices! Yay! (For you overseas peeps!) I can't believe how low the dollar has got. A good time for people buying from me from overseas, but not so much the other way around... :( For a while there I could order things from US Etsy sellers and not have to pay too much extra as our dollar was almost equal, but now things when converted are so much more expensive. Bugger!

Check out the shop for the new updated prices if you so wish.

I've got some more preggy shots to show you. We took some photos of us on the weekend, coz it really is nice to remember to take photos of us to look back on in the future. We don't do it that often and really should more. I reckon though with the baby coming we will be taking HEAPS of photos! We also invested in a video camera to catch all those moments in time of our baby growing. Fun!

And because I have no photos of anything arty or crafty that I have done recently (because there's not been much of that going on) I'm going to have to show you photos of us. All my time has been spent getting stuff ready for the baby. And taking it easy!

This is me at 36 weeks:

Me and Jimmy and the belly:

A dorky shot of us:

And here's Jimmy with our furbabies:

They, and we, are so happy when the sun is out. It's another cold and overcast day today. Bugger this weather and having to light the fire! Anyway, I really do go on a bit too much about the weather so I think I'll shut up about that and go and do some yoga.

See ya's soon :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Mail Me Art Book

How cool! The Mail Me Art project book is available for pre-order from Amazon. I'm pre-ordering my copy now. Mail Me Art was a project run by Darren Di Lieto who is the busy man behind the Little Chimp Society. He invited artists from all over the world to mail him art that was done on the package or envelope right there for posties around the world to see. I wonder what some of the posties thought, and if any went missing along the way... (to decorate a postal workers wall perhaps?) Below was my contribution, which I'm happy to say, was chosen to be included in the book. Check out Mail Me Art for more info.

Life update: Still waiting for our chickens to start laying eggs. I have however been talking to them as I'm sure they will want to give me eggs when they learn to like me :)

Due date for baby is getting closer. I am almost 36 weeks and pretty big. Baby is squashing my ribs. I don't know where my organs have gone as there seems to be no space left for them.

The sun is out and shining, which puts me in a good mood. I am so motivated I am even starting to organise xmas presents.

There is a crazy cow in one of the paddocks that is freaking me out. I am too scared to walk past him as it seems he wants to burst through the fence and play silly cow games with me. The only problem is, I am not playing kicking games with a 200kg + cow. The dogs are also scared of him.


Monday, October 06, 2008

Having a Kid Means I'll Get To Watch Stuff Like This

People keep telling me about this kids show. Soon I'll have an excuse to watch it. It looks pretty cool!

Some Things I Have Learnt From Being Pregnant

-Belly rings are not the best body embellishment to have when your skin stretches so tight that the skin can't handle it.

-Band aids on a tight-skinned stomach can cause stretchmark like damage when you pull them off. A tip is to not use band aids on your stomach whilst pregnant!

-Most people think you're some sort of freakish deluded wanna-be-hero if you have plans for a natural drug free labour.

-Gravity suddenly becomes something that is a bother, and the floor seems like such a far, far away place.

-Socks are bothersome items of necessity.

-Shoe horns are frequently thought about and considered quite a nifty invention.

-Being somewhat of a person that doesn't usually go with mainstream trends and ways, I find it quite disheartening that mainstream ways of dealing with labour and birth is just another one of those bothersome things in life where I just have to be different. Roll eyes here. (Thankfully, my chosen hospital seems to be mostly in cohorts with my desires and beliefs- by sheer luck.)

-Most maternity clothes are overly expensive (for a short lived item of need) and designed for nobody in my age group.

-As Dr Phil would say: "Opinions are likes arses, everyone's got one."

-Moments of fleeting reality checks that something so profound is about to happen to my body are somewhat scary and exciting at the same time.

-Women that work up until they are due to pop are making people like me lolling about the house all tired and complain-y look really bad.

-Baby stuff is really cute. Some baby stuff is not so cute.

-Doctors are all individuals and do not know everything.

Here's me and my Mum. This is a shot from when I was 31 weeks. I am now 35 and a little bigger! :)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New Arty Crafty Stuff

First of all, I thought I'd show you how I framed the painting I did recently, which is now hanging in Incube8r Gallery. I felt I didn't just want to throw it in a generic frame (which are wonderful most of the time) so I decorated the mat board with paint and fabric & stitching, and painted the outer wooden frame. I then hacked into the paint with a blade to give it that worn effect.

I'm trying to get a few more arty pieces together for Incube8r before the baby is born. Which is only about 5 weeks away!!! (Freak out!)

So these are some little mini art plaques I completed this morning. I intend to add to them some sort of little hangers and pop them into Incube8r as well. I made up names quickly & spontaneously for them. I am in a silly mood, hence the silly names. They are a mixture of collage, paint, felt and fabric & stitching on mini wooden plaques.

We have, Girl Thinking & Doing:

Bubble Dog:

and Squeezy Love Elephant:

And here they are all in a set. I think clusters of paintings look better together, and I think these are no exception :)

Hope you like!

I'll leave you today with a picture of our little ant in the sun. ("Little Ant" is just one of her many nicknames. Others include Peepee Deluxe, Deluxified, Piss Ant, Business Class, Piddle Pop, Brown Dog, Peepee... I'm sure I have probably told you some of her nicknames before but I love saying them so sorry if I'm repeating myself!)
Under the Oak tree out the front is one of the dogs favourite spots to laze about. And I can see them there from the kitchen window (this was taken from the kitchen) whilst I'm working away doing kitcheny stuff. I am loving that tree at the moment, especially with it's new bright green spring leaves & when the sun is out. I am soooo very thankful for the warmer weather that is slowly heading our way.

Well, I'm off now to weed a garden bed that will soon be filled with strawberry plants. Then I'll mulch it with pine needles, coz apparently that's what strawberries love. Adios Amigos!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh My God Japanese Kids Must Be Sooo Funky

If only I could read Japanese, I'd be spending a small fortune at this online store!!! Absolutely!!! I cannot get over at how utterly cute and quirky these clothes are. And the salt and pepper shakers at the end would of course be just for myself. Cute!!! CUTE!!! I swear, I could start crying that I can't own this stuff. How is it possible that this kind of stuff exists? I just want to squeal with cuteness.. EEEeeeeEEeeeeeeeeeEEeEEEee!!!!!!! Ok, it's out of my system now. Ah. But you see what I mean, don't you?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Crafting For Baby

I have been busy with lots of ideas, but not so busy with actually making things happen! I am generally busy everyday, lord knows where the time goes.

Mum has just gone home from staying with me for a couple of days. It's been fun as she is crafty and creative too like me, so we sometimes get together and do some girly sewing and stuff.
We went to a fabric shop and I chose some fabrics out so she can make squiggle nugget some clothes. It's so much fun choosing fabrics. There's so much cute stuff out there...

I chose the fabric for this little dress that Mum has already made up too. Cute, eh?

She's also been busy making some bibs with some cute little designs on them:

Her partner is now worried that all mending is going to be put aside because of all the sewing to do for the new grandkid! Well, one must get their priorities right!

So while Mum was up, she did a bit of crocheting (she always crochets in white cotton usually, I keep telling her I'm going to buy a stack of multi coloured threads for her to crochet up) & I embellished a little all-in-one suit for my future bubby. It's just a plain white organic cotton suit, and I hand stitched all the elements onto it.

Here's a close-up to show you some more detail:

So that's what I have been up to for the last few days. Entertaining my Mum, cooking food, (including banana cake, eggplant lasagne, and yummy mini sausage rolls- I'm crazy for pastry lately) & crafting.

Plus feeling quite tired. Seven extra kilos I discovered I am carrying around! I am 33 weeks preggers now. Getting bigger!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mixed nuts Project

A little while ago I partook, along with a bunch of other talented artists, in an exhibition organised by Kirsty from Lollibchie. Our task was to take a blank nut shape and basically do whatever the heck we wanted to with it!
So I came up with a piece that I called "Forest Memories". There's a couple more pics of him (and his accompanying mini 2d artwork) that you can find through this link. You can also see all of the other contributing artists through that link too. There are some familiar names in there that you'd probably want to check out!
The idea of my character I made was that he had gone for a walk through the forest and brought some things back with him. He literally brought things back with him, but usually you bring something special back with you from visits to nature such as peacefulness, a refreshed feeling... you know, that sort of thing. And if you let these things travel back with you it can make you a happier person. His horse however was already his mate and was just accompanying him on his little expedition :)

I had fun making him. Makes me want to make some more softies!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Creative Weekend

First up, before I tell you about my weekend, I'd like to thank Ellen for nominating me for the "You like me, you really like me!" award. Awesome. I am so thrilled when people tell me that they love my blog, coz I'm such a sensitive person and wonder if my blog is really that interesting to others, so it really does make me happy when someone tells me they like it.

Thank you, Ellen :)

The rules are that I'm supposed to nominate 7 blogs that I love, but I'm going to wuss out on this bit. At the moment, the blog I really love reading is Sally's from Georgie Love coz she is such a good writer and makes life sound interesting and funny. I like her sense of humour and bits and pieces of herself remind me of myself. Is that ok? Can I just nominate one!?

Of course there are others that I really like and you can see a selection of those in my bloggy links section.

So, on to the weekend.

Saturday was gloriously sunny. Thank you Spring for finally coming, I have missed you. I have not however, missed the hay fever that goes along with it! Time to start using the netti pot!? Gross but it's worth a try. It's either that or carry around a semi trailer load of tissues with me everywhere. (Tell me supermarkets, why do you not stock recycled tissues anymore? Maybe time to venture back to hankies?)

Anywayz, I'm continuously being inspired by decorating efforts of others and am forever going to get around to decorating (in the limited way I can in a rental property) but am finally starting to do it. I had a busy creative weekend.

This first piccy is of our bedroom. Sorry for the blurriness of the picture, I am still trying to suss out the best ways of taking photos with our digital camera sometimes. The prints on the wall are of course Camilla's. The lamps were two daggy Ikea lamps that looked oh-so display home-ish, so I decided to paint them brown. An improvement, although I'm still not 100% sure I'm happy with them. I made the two big fluffy retro cushions on the bed, as Jimmy and I are getting old (30 going on 80) and like to sit up in bed and read, so we needed more pillows. The patchwork cushion & throw at the end of the bed were op shop finds, and the cute lil owl stuffie was made for me by one of my friends.

Here's a cushion I revamped. It used to be a skirt, with the embellishment on the front and the fur around the bottom hem. I have since grown out of the skirt but could never bring myself to get rid of it, so now it lives in the form of a cushion that I can see everyday, instead of tucked away in my wardrobe. I am fussy when it comes to making cushions too, they must have removable covers so as the covers can be washed easily. Unless, of course it's a baby cushion :) (The other two cushions were op shop finds.)

So sewing & decorating finished off with some knitting at night. Being pregnant and laying off the booze on weekends makes my weekends slightly nerdy as I'm knitting on Saturday night instead of partying it up. Healthier, and a different kind of fun.

We also hung a stack of pictures using these nifty little 3M removable tabs so we don't leave marks on the walls when we leave. I haven't taken a photo yet of the cluster of pics, as there's still more I want to do to that wall and area, so I will show you in due time. There's some stuff though in rental homes that are hard to cover up without major renovations, such a faux marble floor tiles (urgh). There's also floral curtains and daggy wall freezes to deal with (double urgh)! Though I'll try to do something about those things...

Hope you had as good a weekend as me (even if you were taking it easy- time needs to be put aside for that also!) See you soon :)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Feel Like Painting

This statement needs to be sung to the tune of "I feel like dancing" by The Scissor Sisters. Coz that's how it's repeating in my head right now.

So I have been feeling like painting. I started this one a couple of weeks ago and just finished it today. It's called "Thinking Space". It's mixed media on paper- pencil, paint, collage and hand stitched cotton thread.

Both her and her cat are just thinking. Isn't it nice to have some spare time to just sit and think? I think that's why I am enjoying knitting lately- coz I just get to sit there and my brain can drift onto other thoughts and arty inspirations. It's like driving. I used to get lots of ideas whilst driving. Caffeine is another one of those things that gives me ideas, but considering I'm pregnant at the moment and it messes with my head and sleep and gives me the jitters, I think it's best to avoid that drug at the moment.

And although I'm getting lots of ideas lately it's taking a lot of self discipline to refrain from starting new projects. I really MUST finish off some already started ones first. I have a goal to become one of those organised neat people (especially when it comes to my art). I'm aiming high, coz if you've seen my crafty areas, you know that they take over the whole house. If there's an empty table, I'll fill it with crap.

Well, it's time for me to go and make some polenta so that it can cool before I make something out of it for dinner. Mmmmmm polenta. We have been consuming lots less meat in this house which is good for the ol' environment, which is a bonus, but mainly because I have completely gone off mince meat and certain dry textures of meat.

See ya's soon :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Instantaneous Print

Here's a new print that's available now in the shop. It's a limited edition of 22, and is a mixed media combination of a giclee print with fabric and machine-stitched embellishments. Here's the description that I wrote in the shop listing:

"This print is about the feeling of simply just liking someone when you first meet them. Often, I'll take my dog for a walk in the park and we come across another dog that he just likes. I'm not sure of the reason, there is just something there that makes him like that dog.
Sometimes you might meet someone (or an animal) that you just like straight away for no apparent reason."

I wonder why it is that this happens? Maybe on some deeper level we know who is just right for us.


Monday, August 25, 2008

New Necklace Designs...

These little designs I call "I Speak The Truth". See? The little horse is speaking about exactly what's inside of him. He has nothing to hide. He is a simple being that likes to talk about fun and happy things. Like polka dots! :)

You can find them hanging out in the shop as of now.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Chickens and other happy things...

Introducing to you our chickens, Cluckers and Pecky! Cluckers is the light one and Pecky is the dark one. They have just started to venture out into the open air after about a week which gave me the opportunity to take a happy snap of them. I love having chickens.

I did a bit of gardening today. The gardens here at this property are HUGE and there is so much work to be done. Most of it is country style gardens, due to the people that lived here before us. But today I am showing you a couple of flowers of our own that we have in pots. Jim & I are both hardcore native plant fans, and one day dream for our gardens to be 100% native. Australia is the driest country on Earth, so it makes sense to have plants that don't require a stack of water. This first shot is of a native orchid that's in flower at the moment. I don't even look after it much, but it flowers every year. The flowers look so cute, I imagine they are individual characters coz they kind of look like funny heads with antennae.

Here's a Kangaroo Paw I bought recently which is having heaps of flowers. Yay! Aren't the colours beautiful? I don't have much success with Kangaroo Paws, but this one seems to be going strong. Lets hope it keeps it up. Everything seems to grow so well out where we are in West Gippsland.

And as I was going around taking photos today I decided to take one of this sculpture I made a couple of years ago out of recycled materials. I made him whilst Jimmy was watching the footy. I am no sports fan, let me tell you, and I can often be found sitting in a chair crafting like a little old granny while Jimmy watches sport on telly. We are such old people :)

Hope you like our chickens & other shots from around the place! Now I'm going to go and rest my big pregnant guts on the couch for a bit, I am buggered. 29 weeks tomorrow. Geez, where has the time gone?