Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday Ramblings

These little buggers are driving me crazy. My new house has a possum problem!! They don't make much noise- the problem is my dogs barking at them. My dogs are usually well behaved- but I have never lived in a house with possums before. I did some research about getting rid of them, but came to the conclusion that I can't do anything about them. Apparently catching them and relocating them is a no-no as research has found that they do not survive in a new environment. The tip is to make sure all gaps in your roof are blocked and to put up possum boxes in the trees for them to live in. Well, that ain't going to stop my dogs from barking.
One of my neighbours has informed me that my dogs are barking quite a lot when I'm not at home, which is causing great stress and concern for me!
My neighbour also mentioned that she hates possums, as she sees them as a pest. This has got me thinking (again- not the first time I have thought about this subject) about what we really consider pests to be. The possum is a native animal and rightly so is protected. We are the ones who have moved into and destroyed their habitats, and yet we are the ones projecting hate onto these creatures. The same goes for kangaroos (considered a pest by farmers) and wombats (I often hear people talk about people shooting wombats because of the damage they cause to their houses). I don't know or understand why the common wombat is not protected.
I agree with the philosophy of The Australian Conservation Foundation that "Wildlife populations have rights of their own to exist and flourish independently of human needs".
I'll also extend this outlook to the much hated snake. It just doesn't sit well with me that we can destroy native animals habitats, use the land for our own purposes and then label the animals as pests when they disrupt our lives.

Looks like I'll be having some more nights of broken sleep with dogs running around the house whining and barking. I think I'd like to look into some other possible alternatives such as training them not to bark at the possums. Or just not go out at night when they're here with me and not with Jim.

Any suggestions!?

Here, my lovely bloggy readers, are some new necklaces that I have dubbed the "Sweet Home" range. There's one each available in the shop as of now. I think they are sweet and homely. I took these photos outside because my light box was one of the casualties of moving. I think I might set up a corner somewhere in the house especially for taking photos. Better add it to my ever growing and non relenting list of things to do!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sea Change

A sea change... to the city!
I recently moved from Warragul to be closer to my friends and family, and all the action the city has to offer. I've moved into a really old house with a huge backyard, by suburban standards. My Dad seemed to think upon inspection that the house was a bit of a "dump", though I am quite fond of it and think it holds a lot of character and personality. Perfect for creating artwork in! I find brand new houses to be devoid of any life. Their walls know no history, and they, alot of the time, haven't had the same efforts put into their construction. Ornate ceilings and hardwood trimmings and shelves... that kind of thing.
Anyway, with a new house comes new favourite areas. Things you see that make you happy. I'll share some of these things with you now.
Some have nothing really to do with the new house; they are just items of mine that I feel fit in quite nicely. I especially am fond of the old peeling-away-in-parts green textured wallpaper. It matches so well with hanging pictures. When I'm painting I like to really texture & grunge up backgrounds and subject matter. Same as with old & grungy houses, I think it gives them age and character.
So lets start at the front door. The first small favourite of mine.

Then we venture into the loungeroom to find some extra daggy and almost kitch wallpaper, with a perfect little wall-nook for some of my softies.

A corner of the loungeroom that I set up. I was quite pleased with my efforts, and although it's not a great photo hopefully you still appreciate my design efforts! Now you may be wanting a close-up of a couple of pearls in this photo... yes?

This I thought was quite a find at a local (to Warragul) antique store for $18 smackers. I'm not sure how much it's really worth (the antique shop is usually pricey) but I just love it. I bought it as a home warming present to myself that I wasn't allowed to open from the protective packaging until I moved.

And this! This is such a happy little bonus that I get in this house! There are 3 of these here, they are the air vents. Gorgeous!! I love them with as much bird-love there is to be had. And isn't there alot of that around lately?

I think that was the highlight, and smart people usually finish with the highlights, but not me. So what am I saying? That I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed? Sometimes I think that's the case!
This is a Christmas card I got from a mate this year that was so damn cute I just had to frame it. I like the way it clashes against the cheesy wallpaper in my room.

And check out these tiles in the bathroom cupboard. Possibly my favourite colour at the moment. And what a bonus! The job is possibly one of the crappiest tiling efforts I have seen for a while. There are quite a few, ok, stacks of things in this house that have been bunged together in a hurry or not having the right tools or supplies available. They are, at the least, good conversation topics when people come over and amuse themselves by bagging out certain areas that could've done with a bit more tlc. Laugh away visitors, laugh away!

So there you go. A sneak peak preview of my place. Not that you really know what it looks like as I've only provided little bits here and there.

Now, can someone tell me why I'm not doing the work I should be? It's taken a while to get started today. It seems whenever I start something, something else pops up first that needs to be taken care of. Can you believe, when I was trying to get my printer to work (my everyday invoice printing printer) that not only was this setting me back and I was performing numerous head cleans and print tests... that the curtains just fell down right behind me. So then I spent the next hour or so fixing the curtain rail.

Ok, so my house is old and there are many half-arsed rush jobs. You have my permission to laugh at that one.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bits n Bobs

Happy New Year!

I hope we've all had a good break? I enjoyed mine. Lots of food, drink, friends and family. I've got some happy snaps to share! The first one is Gazz, myself and Russ. The three siblings hanging out at St Andrews pub. The next photo is Russ' girlfriend Bell and me. This was actually on Jimbo's birthday. I think he was inside whilst we were taking these. Oops.

This is Dad in his shed on Christmas day. I was liking all of the colours of the number plates and the fridge. A real Aussie bloke in his shed. This one might just be a framer. Although I'm not very happy about the squirty bottle on top of the fridge. Ah well, what can you do? I am no photographer!

Next we have Jimbo and Gazz in the shed, still on xmas day.

Now for the first crafty goodness for the year. This is a one off original purse titled "Displaced". It's more pricey than my usual purses, but that is because it's an original and a lot more work has gone into it. Not too thrilled about the photo, the light was doing tricky things on that day, plus my camera was going flat so it was a bit of a rush job. This purse is now sitting in my cube at Incube8r Gallery. With the start of the year I have decided to take out extra space in the form of a partition in the gallery from which I am able to sell some art and prints. Check out my board layout that I set up on Saturday. I already made a sale before I had completed setting it up! I hope that's a sign of things to come.
A little birdie tells me that there are a few vacancies at the moment within the gallery. You can check the website to get all the info on how this funky little place works.

I've got plans for new art and prints and necklace designs. You may be familiar with the prints and art here on show, so I think it's time to really get to work and come up with some fresh new stuff. I'm hoping this to be one extremely productive and creative year. I have a bit more time on my hands this year so let's hope I don't spend it all partying. Maybe just a bit of partying and the rest creating.