Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sea Change

A sea change... to the city!
I recently moved from Warragul to be closer to my friends and family, and all the action the city has to offer. I've moved into a really old house with a huge backyard, by suburban standards. My Dad seemed to think upon inspection that the house was a bit of a "dump", though I am quite fond of it and think it holds a lot of character and personality. Perfect for creating artwork in! I find brand new houses to be devoid of any life. Their walls know no history, and they, alot of the time, haven't had the same efforts put into their construction. Ornate ceilings and hardwood trimmings and shelves... that kind of thing.
Anyway, with a new house comes new favourite areas. Things you see that make you happy. I'll share some of these things with you now.
Some have nothing really to do with the new house; they are just items of mine that I feel fit in quite nicely. I especially am fond of the old peeling-away-in-parts green textured wallpaper. It matches so well with hanging pictures. When I'm painting I like to really texture & grunge up backgrounds and subject matter. Same as with old & grungy houses, I think it gives them age and character.
So lets start at the front door. The first small favourite of mine.

Then we venture into the loungeroom to find some extra daggy and almost kitch wallpaper, with a perfect little wall-nook for some of my softies.

A corner of the loungeroom that I set up. I was quite pleased with my efforts, and although it's not a great photo hopefully you still appreciate my design efforts! Now you may be wanting a close-up of a couple of pearls in this photo... yes?

This I thought was quite a find at a local (to Warragul) antique store for $18 smackers. I'm not sure how much it's really worth (the antique shop is usually pricey) but I just love it. I bought it as a home warming present to myself that I wasn't allowed to open from the protective packaging until I moved.

And this! This is such a happy little bonus that I get in this house! There are 3 of these here, they are the air vents. Gorgeous!! I love them with as much bird-love there is to be had. And isn't there alot of that around lately?

I think that was the highlight, and smart people usually finish with the highlights, but not me. So what am I saying? That I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed? Sometimes I think that's the case!
This is a Christmas card I got from a mate this year that was so damn cute I just had to frame it. I like the way it clashes against the cheesy wallpaper in my room.

And check out these tiles in the bathroom cupboard. Possibly my favourite colour at the moment. And what a bonus! The job is possibly one of the crappiest tiling efforts I have seen for a while. There are quite a few, ok, stacks of things in this house that have been bunged together in a hurry or not having the right tools or supplies available. They are, at the least, good conversation topics when people come over and amuse themselves by bagging out certain areas that could've done with a bit more tlc. Laugh away visitors, laugh away!

So there you go. A sneak peak preview of my place. Not that you really know what it looks like as I've only provided little bits here and there.

Now, can someone tell me why I'm not doing the work I should be? It's taken a while to get started today. It seems whenever I start something, something else pops up first that needs to be taken care of. Can you believe, when I was trying to get my printer to work (my everyday invoice printing printer) that not only was this setting me back and I was performing numerous head cleans and print tests... that the curtains just fell down right behind me. So then I spent the next hour or so fixing the curtain rail.

Ok, so my house is old and there are many half-arsed rush jobs. You have my permission to laugh at that one.


futuregirl said...


I also love old houses with life in them. I can't wait to see how it inspires you! :)

Dawn said...

you're right, there's something about new homes that make them unappealing. my husband and i hope to find a new home this year and i only hope it has as much character as your new place!

Georgie Love said...

The place looks beautiful and I think you will be very happy (and very creative!). Let's have some wine soon neighbourino!

lil kim said...

Sounds like my house! I also much prefer older homes to new, super stylish, everything white-and-chrome slick looking places. So many stories and idiosyncrasies. Some current favourites in my house are turquoise drapes and mint green walls - in the same room!!
Your house sounds like a great find. I love your air vents - i at first thought it was a work of art that you had purposefully hung there!

syko kajsa said...

I love your post today :) I haven't been my own boss for a very long time yet so I must say I really enjoy those slow start days + the that I can start hanging curtains in the middle of the day if I feel an urge to do it. Today I was sewing quite well though... Your house seems to be a very charming place.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Jules!
I am sooo happy for you!
I love how you described your new house; I am sure that it is a very special place and you will enjoy it every day!
Elsita :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new pad. Our place is old which I LOVE but every time you start to fix something it opens a can of worms ...never simple! BUT worth it.