Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Rotten Possum

"Pwoooahhh, what's that smell?" Jim says whilst we were sitting out in the backyard enjoying a nice sunny day. "Smells like a dead animal!"
"No idea" I reply. I have a quick look around the area, to no avail. "Can't see anything."

A couple of days pass and my Mum comes over to visit. Strolling around the backyard she announces to me, "do you realise you've got a rotten possum over here?"

"Eeeeeewwww!" I say. "The dogs obviously aren't interested in it otherwise they would have got to it by now." I cover it up with a thin layer of sawdust to try and lock away the smell.

Later that night whilst working on an illustration job with a tight deadline one of the dogs comes in my studio to say hello. Uuuurrgh!!! The smell!!! What the hell is that smell!!?? "Urgh! You guys STINK!!!!"

Dogs get locked in a room for the night to lock away the stink. The next morning it's dog bath time, dog bed washing time, and picking up pieces of dead rotten possum with a shovel from every corner of the backyard. Dead possum goes in box.

Box goes on fire.

Possum burns.

A job well done Jimmy.

"I wish I was still chewing on rotten possum jaw bone."

"Don't my master's know that dead possum makes a waaaay better perfume than dog shampoo? I spent so much time just getting the right amount of aroma on my fur."

A few days later, the dogs locate another dead leathery mummified animal on Jimmy's farm....

Good work mutt-bags!

So there's my little story of the rotten possum. So sorry I have seemed to have fallen off the face of the Earth recently with an unannounced blogging break! I have been thinking of you, my blog readers and have been meaning to write. Lots of illustration work going on and other projects that I'm working on that probably can't get much of a mention until certain books get published. So general life stuff & happenings for now it is.

I promise I've got news coming up. It's been an exciting year so far, even if it seems I've been quiet and unproductive.

I'll be back soon :)