Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Movin' to the country...

...gonna eat a lot of peaches...

The presidents of the United States of America rocked us with that hit, and it's oh so fitting to sing when one actually does move to the country. Love that cd by the way, I still play it to this day. It never gets old!

But thankfully there are no ninja's here. None that I know of anyway. They can be quite stealthy, you know. Luckily, though, I found this little number that I could put on bub to scare any potential ninja threats away. How funny is it!? This is where I found it.

As promised, pics of our new abode that we are living in until the next stage which will be our very own house on top of a hill... One day. A couple of years away perhaps.

It's really lovely being out here and sometimes if I get up early enough we get to see the most beautiful views. Sunrises and sunsets are awesome on a property with a view. If only I could sit on the porch and sip some wine and watch, but for now, it'll have to be soda water. Or some other non-alcoholic beverage.

This is the first view of the property that you get from the start of the driveway..

The front of the house..

The side.. (isn't that a glorious shade tree just perfect for summer? I have images of myself and baby sitting under that tree in the warmer months on a picnic blanket!)

The view from the front porch.. (I have requested some really comfy cane lounge seats for this area for my birthday. Shhh, it's coming up on Friday!)

This is up the back looking out over the hill..

It's really great for the dogs here as they love to run and I just take them for walks around the empty paddocks. They just go wild. Although Leela did keep us up the other night because she made herself sick from eating too much sheep poo and got the runs. We wont be walking around that paddock again in a hurry.

So there you have it. The new Jim and Jules hideout.

And thank you so much to everyone that left comments re our baby news! I love getting comments and get so excited by each and every one of them. It makes it all the more special being able to share our happy news with others :)

Friday, May 02, 2008


Introducing to you a little mini version of Jimbo and me! The time has come for the "public" announcement, even though most of my family, friends and pets and their families and friends and pets know about it. I found it hard to keep my mouth shut about such a huge thing so I basically blabbed the news to many people!
We have hit the 12 week mark and the little munchkin is due on the 9th of November.
A big fat congratulations to Sally from Georgie Love too for her news and can you believe it, we are due at the same time!!? Plus, I even bought this tile that she wants, I thought that was an extra funny little coincidence! (It's awesome in real life, by the way- and from misterrob.)

Back to the baby news!! We had our ultrasound yesterday and I giggled through the whole thing. We've got a dvd of it and so far I have watched it numerous times. Every time I woke up last night I thought about how bizarre it was that I have this little thing living and kicking around inside me! It truly is going to take a while for my brain to wrap it's self around this fact. And you know when you find a new hobby or something you really had fun doing and you wake up the next day and think, yes, I'm going to do that again today and you're all excited? Well, that's how I felt about watching the dvd again.

So this is why I've moved back to the country, and also why I have made up my mind to really focus on my own art and craftiness for the next 6 months instead of doing heaps of illustration work. I am so excited about taking some time to really find my own inspiration again and follow through my artistic urges (which are taken over at the moment by illustration work) and also make some baby clothes, toys and quilts. Not to mention the fact that I'm dying to get into the garden and grow some veggies but I just haven't had the time.

And blogging! More blogging!