Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We're off!

Going on a short holiday to Tassie! Funny how I was whinging about the cold and here I am just about to go further down south. I'll be sure to pack the woollies! Brrrrrrr! Wonder if we'll get to see some snow.

One destination will be Tasmania's old growth forests. "Tasmania is home to the tallest hardwood forests on Earth, with trees reaching nearly 100 metres and living for over 400 years. It is also home to Australia’s greatest tract of temperate rainforest. " - from The Wilderness Society.
It's a national shame that they're logging this section of our Earth. And also a shame that visitors aren't encouraged by mainstream tourism to check out this part of Tassie. Well, we will be. We've got our map and a guide book all ready to go.

So I'll see you in about a week! The shop will also be closed too, but will reopen as soon as possible.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You Have All The Treasure

Yes, there are some people who seem to have all the treasure. Are you one of them? Or are you one of those that looks on to others holding all the treasures?
I'm rich in treasures... family and friends and a lifestyle that I like. Treasure doesn't have to be monetary.
You can find this in the form of a new print here.

Now I'm off today to do some knitting for squiggle nugget (I am learning)... I am venturing into circular knitting, and to finish off those necklaces I was talking about. It's been tooooo cold for resin so I must warm the room and get them done. Have an awesome day, whatever you're doing.

Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm So Over Winter!

You must rug up to keep warm...

Even though winter brings with it some lovely frosty views, I'm over it and I'm really looking forward to the warm sun and weather again. We have two wood fires here and my fire lighting skills are tragic. I swear, I will have to give up any aspirations of becoming an arsonist, as I cannot even burn paper.
I also wonder whether the cows get cold...?

The wet cold weather totally sucked extra hard today because I went out to my art-supplies-storage-bungalow to get something and slipped over and fell right into the mud. I had to come inside and change my clothes, and I was spewing as I had my favourite cozy warm tracksuit pants on and they were just clean and fresh today and now I have to wash them again! Urgh!

So, what makes one feel better after a clumsy spill right into the mud? A piece of lemon bakewell tart with cream, that's what.

ps. For anyone concerned, I did not fall onto my baby belly, thank god. But now my whole left arm & hand is killing me... and I am left handed! Plus, lemon bakewell tart was strawberry in the recipe, but it had to be converted for my recent cravings of lemony flavoured foodstuffs. I was pretty proud of my baking effort. :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sketch Book Snippet

I did a little sketch in my moleskine sketchbook this week. Done with bits of fancy paper, paint, pencil and pen. I have such fun doing doodles and sketches that are destined for nothing and no one. "No pressure" art is what I call it.

I've been having lots of inspiration lately, but finding it hard to find the time to make art. I swear I can fill up days with menial tasks and cleaning the house and shopping for food and cooking. Plus I'm still getting my arty stuff in order from moving, so I start a project and get side tracked by sorting through a drawer or a box. But! I did finish off two little felt deer today so I was happy with that. I've got to make myself another light box to photograph them. Jim's pretty handy with tools so I may be able to con him into making me a strong one that is not going to break and be crushed like my last cardboard box attempt.

Anyway, I'll photograph them when that gets made and pop them in the shop.

Plus I have some new necklace designs coming out! I intend on finishing them tomorrow. It's been a while since I added some new designs to my range.

I'll be back soon with some arty goodness to share.

And maybe a belly bump picture! I'm 23 weeks along! Kick kick! Squiggle nugget is getting quite active! (Yes, we have dubbed her "squiggle nugget"...)

Friday, July 04, 2008

Organisation Time

Well, what have I been up to? Clearing clutter, organising, cleaning and all that sort of stuff. I have a hard time with clutter, and I have sooooo much stuff to go through. I find it hard to throw things out and have been trying to be ruthless. I was reading an article recently in a magazine whilst in the doctors waiting room which was exaclty about clearing clutter. I know all the advice such as "have you used it in the past year?" but a new sentence that grabbed me and I'm trying to keep in mind throughout this task is "will I miss it?" Which I think is a good one. And when I finally DO bite the bullet and throw stuff out that I really don't need it makes way for some decorating efforts. Here is a corner of our bedroom that I have been working on... the baby's corner!

I am still working on the bedroom and have got new cushions to sew up and I also just bought a heap of fancy storage boxes from Ikea so that our stuff can be stored stylishly. And for the bed, I think I want to make a patchwork quilt. Or I could just buy this one that I have fallen in love with! Can someone please tell me why we don't have an awesome store like Anthropologie here in oz? And is anyone willing to buy this Anna Paisley Hothouse bedding and ship it over to me? Thanks in advance. I get so disheartened at the bland impersonal decorating choices we have out here. There's just no character. You really do have to hunt the good stuff down because it's certainly not in the big popular stores.

Anyways, I'll soon have to work my way in to the bungalow which at the moment is being used as a storage room for all my art supplies. I think it's good to have somewhere that you can put the junk and slowly go through it a bit at a time and bring in what you want and chuck the rest. Plus I don't really have a studio in this house so I need somewhere to store my excess supplies (ie. crap). I really miss having a studio, but for now it's desks in corners of certain rooms where they'll fit.

So, not a lot of art going on, although I have been sketching in my trusty moleskine sketchbook and have some new inspiration for paintings and am also working on some new pendant designs. I think it's time now to give the cleaning a break and get into the art, yes?

I'll leave you with this little snapshot that I took recently. It has been so wet and rainy here, but it makes for some beautiful views, especially when the sun pops out just after a shower. And the camera really never does quite catch it.