Monday, October 27, 2008

Introducing to you...

Our little daughter, Stevie Nell Madden. And I must say, I am in love. Other than the ups and downs of learning how to look after a baby, and the fears of keeping this little thing alive and kicking, generally I am over the moon about our little bundle of joy. I cannot stop staring at her little face and giving her hundreds of kisses.

(image removed)

So, just over two and a half weeks early I went into labour on Tuesday night the 21st of October, and 4 hours later, Stevie was born. I have quite a birth story to tell you, and one of which I am very proud of and feel that it is my greatest achievement to date. I feel teary when I think about it and I have all the awesome staff at the Warragul hospital to thank for the way it all turned out. It was intense and painful, but also very amazing at the same time. The memory is already starting to fade, so when I get some more time I am going to write it down so I don't forget the details. It feels like it happened about six months ago already! For now I'll just show her off to you guys, and get into the nitty gritty later.

Here is Jim, me & Stevie at home. We came home on Saturday, after I spent a few days in hospital.

(image removed)

Here is Stevie doing what she does best, sleeping.

(image removed)

This is me with my little cocoon baby still in hospital.

(image removed)

Here is my labour-room hero and the little nugget.

(image removed)
Some more snaps at home in the backyard.

(image removed)

And a shot of us right after the birth in the birthing suite.

(image removed)

So I'll leave you with those photos for now, and few words but I promise I will be back soon with more. For now I need to go and regain some energy and do some chores before the little sweetheart starts demanding her next feed.

Hope you've enjoyed our photos :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Falling Dollar

The really weak Aussie dollar has meant that for my overseas customers, prints in the shop are at reduced prices! Yay! (For you overseas peeps!) I can't believe how low the dollar has got. A good time for people buying from me from overseas, but not so much the other way around... :( For a while there I could order things from US Etsy sellers and not have to pay too much extra as our dollar was almost equal, but now things when converted are so much more expensive. Bugger!

Check out the shop for the new updated prices if you so wish.

I've got some more preggy shots to show you. We took some photos of us on the weekend, coz it really is nice to remember to take photos of us to look back on in the future. We don't do it that often and really should more. I reckon though with the baby coming we will be taking HEAPS of photos! We also invested in a video camera to catch all those moments in time of our baby growing. Fun!

And because I have no photos of anything arty or crafty that I have done recently (because there's not been much of that going on) I'm going to have to show you photos of us. All my time has been spent getting stuff ready for the baby. And taking it easy!

This is me at 36 weeks:

Me and Jimmy and the belly:

A dorky shot of us:

And here's Jimmy with our furbabies:

They, and we, are so happy when the sun is out. It's another cold and overcast day today. Bugger this weather and having to light the fire! Anyway, I really do go on a bit too much about the weather so I think I'll shut up about that and go and do some yoga.

See ya's soon :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Mail Me Art Book

How cool! The Mail Me Art project book is available for pre-order from Amazon. I'm pre-ordering my copy now. Mail Me Art was a project run by Darren Di Lieto who is the busy man behind the Little Chimp Society. He invited artists from all over the world to mail him art that was done on the package or envelope right there for posties around the world to see. I wonder what some of the posties thought, and if any went missing along the way... (to decorate a postal workers wall perhaps?) Below was my contribution, which I'm happy to say, was chosen to be included in the book. Check out Mail Me Art for more info.

Life update: Still waiting for our chickens to start laying eggs. I have however been talking to them as I'm sure they will want to give me eggs when they learn to like me :)

Due date for baby is getting closer. I am almost 36 weeks and pretty big. Baby is squashing my ribs. I don't know where my organs have gone as there seems to be no space left for them.

The sun is out and shining, which puts me in a good mood. I am so motivated I am even starting to organise xmas presents.

There is a crazy cow in one of the paddocks that is freaking me out. I am too scared to walk past him as it seems he wants to burst through the fence and play silly cow games with me. The only problem is, I am not playing kicking games with a 200kg + cow. The dogs are also scared of him.


Monday, October 06, 2008

Having a Kid Means I'll Get To Watch Stuff Like This

People keep telling me about this kids show. Soon I'll have an excuse to watch it. It looks pretty cool!

Some Things I Have Learnt From Being Pregnant

-Belly rings are not the best body embellishment to have when your skin stretches so tight that the skin can't handle it.

-Band aids on a tight-skinned stomach can cause stretchmark like damage when you pull them off. A tip is to not use band aids on your stomach whilst pregnant!

-Most people think you're some sort of freakish deluded wanna-be-hero if you have plans for a natural drug free labour.

-Gravity suddenly becomes something that is a bother, and the floor seems like such a far, far away place.

-Socks are bothersome items of necessity.

-Shoe horns are frequently thought about and considered quite a nifty invention.

-Being somewhat of a person that doesn't usually go with mainstream trends and ways, I find it quite disheartening that mainstream ways of dealing with labour and birth is just another one of those bothersome things in life where I just have to be different. Roll eyes here. (Thankfully, my chosen hospital seems to be mostly in cohorts with my desires and beliefs- by sheer luck.)

-Most maternity clothes are overly expensive (for a short lived item of need) and designed for nobody in my age group.

-As Dr Phil would say: "Opinions are likes arses, everyone's got one."

-Moments of fleeting reality checks that something so profound is about to happen to my body are somewhat scary and exciting at the same time.

-Women that work up until they are due to pop are making people like me lolling about the house all tired and complain-y look really bad.

-Baby stuff is really cute. Some baby stuff is not so cute.

-Doctors are all individuals and do not know everything.

Here's me and my Mum. This is a shot from when I was 31 weeks. I am now 35 and a little bigger! :)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New Arty Crafty Stuff

First of all, I thought I'd show you how I framed the painting I did recently, which is now hanging in Incube8r Gallery. I felt I didn't just want to throw it in a generic frame (which are wonderful most of the time) so I decorated the mat board with paint and fabric & stitching, and painted the outer wooden frame. I then hacked into the paint with a blade to give it that worn effect.

I'm trying to get a few more arty pieces together for Incube8r before the baby is born. Which is only about 5 weeks away!!! (Freak out!)

So these are some little mini art plaques I completed this morning. I intend to add to them some sort of little hangers and pop them into Incube8r as well. I made up names quickly & spontaneously for them. I am in a silly mood, hence the silly names. They are a mixture of collage, paint, felt and fabric & stitching on mini wooden plaques.

We have, Girl Thinking & Doing:

Bubble Dog:

and Squeezy Love Elephant:

And here they are all in a set. I think clusters of paintings look better together, and I think these are no exception :)

Hope you like!

I'll leave you today with a picture of our little ant in the sun. ("Little Ant" is just one of her many nicknames. Others include Peepee Deluxe, Deluxified, Piss Ant, Business Class, Piddle Pop, Brown Dog, Peepee... I'm sure I have probably told you some of her nicknames before but I love saying them so sorry if I'm repeating myself!)
Under the Oak tree out the front is one of the dogs favourite spots to laze about. And I can see them there from the kitchen window (this was taken from the kitchen) whilst I'm working away doing kitcheny stuff. I am loving that tree at the moment, especially with it's new bright green spring leaves & when the sun is out. I am soooo very thankful for the warmer weather that is slowly heading our way.

Well, I'm off now to weed a garden bed that will soon be filled with strawberry plants. Then I'll mulch it with pine needles, coz apparently that's what strawberries love. Adios Amigos!