Saturday, January 31, 2009

YAY! No More Stinky Harness!

It's OFF! Goodbye harness, hello freedom!
She still needs an x-ray in a couple of weeks just to make sure everything is as it should be, so fingers crossed that will be the end of it. She can now progress onto being a normal baby and learn to straighten out those little fidgety legs! She feels all floppy to me now, but I love cuddling her with no harness on, it's great.
Life is busy, the house is a mess, she is still waking up sometimes twice a night for feeds which is making me tired. But everything is getting easier. Routine is out the window. Stuff routines, I'm raising a free range baby.

Other business... what's with this crazy heat!? I like the heat but the last few days have been somewhat ridiculous. 43 degrees......!? (That's 109 Fahrenheit). We are in for another hot day today, 37 I hear which is a bit better than over 40. Phew!

Well, I am very rushed as we are going to the shops to pick up some dog food, chook food, human food etc etc before it gets too hot. See ya soon... :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Red Bubble

There needs to be lots more arty internetty things happening in Oz. Considering the dollar is extremely tragic, I am no longer buying arty & crafty stuff from abroad. I'm waiting. Patiently.
So, I decided to check out Red Bubble. It's an Aussie site that artists can join and then upload their work to be sold as prints, cards, t-shirts as well as doing other stuff that I wont go in to but you can zip on over there for a look yourself. The site reminds me of the type of thing that Cafe Press has going.

So I signed up myself out of curiosity and made myself a profile. I just uploaded one design to make into a card and I ordered some to check out what the quality was like. They are on quite thick stock and the surface is like a photo. The cool thing is, you can order your own products for a base price and sell them yourself. Or else other people can go to your Red Bubble page and order your products from there.

Here's the image I uploaded. It's a congrats card for a new baby, coz there's lots of 'em popping out lately!! Feel free to order yourself some cards. Who knows, I may even upload more designs in the future, once I get some sort of a life back!

Yes, a life. Raising babies is hard work. I am tired. And hungry. And frequently holding onto my bladder contents because looking after Stevie always comes first. Yes, even before toilet trips.

I should be eating right now, but how can I go on neglecting my blog?

I shall soon go and make myself some food that doesn't involve lots of time to make.

And Happy Birthday, Bender Madden. Me love you long time xxxxxxxx

He's the ripe old age of 7 today.

PS. How cool are old looking photos? I took this with a Polaroid Pack Film camera and 669 pack film. Awesome.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Routine is not a Four Letter Word & New Baby Quilt Book

So, all have a good exy (xmas) and new year's? I hope! We got spoilt, well Stevie sure did! I felt like all the extra pressies were for me because I got to open them all and I love toys and kiddies books! Joy!

I have been leaving blogging till last on my priority list and have been putting Stevie and house chores first. I am attempting to put her into a routine for my own sanity, and the promise of a happier baby that doesn't cry much for her own sake. We have dealt with what I think is colic and feeding problems and my own anxieties of looking after a baby so this seems to be the right way to go for us. So right this very minute I am rocking her to sleep in my free arm which is a big no-no in the routine guide but we are just establishing her nap times so I'll deal with sleep issues later.

On to other things!

Thought I'd fulfill one of my promises and tell you about a new crafty book published by Lark Books that I am a part of. It's a modern craft book, of which there should be more of in the world. It's a book of modern baby quilts. I am very much looking forward to seeing who else was involved and what quilts they came up with. Apparently I'll get my gratis copy around mid year.

The book is called "Quilts, Baby!" Here's the link: Quilty Baby Book. Looks like it's already available for sale.
My quilt is called "for the love of nature". And below that piccie you can see the front cover, which my quilt is featured on! I was super happy to see that they chose mine to be on the front cover as it gave me a boost of confidence in my quilt designing skills at a stage where I was thinking that my quilt probably wasn't that great and maybe I could've done better! Ahhh, the ever self criticising artist I be!

So yes, I am still lurking here and I do have a new print waiting in the sidelines for the reopening of my shop. But I am leaving that until I feel capable of fitting more into my day as I'm trying not to pressure myself into doing one million-zillion things. I can be very hard on myself like that, so it's time to ease up. Though I am currently knitting a ghastly looking redback spider for my Mum. Urgh! Half an hour each evening after the nappies are washed and the dishes are done!

(I know of someone who got bitten by a redback. Urgh! He got bitten on his perineum and actually drove himself to hospital in excruciating pain!)

Seeya soon... :)