Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stuff For Stevie

I finished the cardie for Stevie! It's extra thick & warm which is just in time for winter. I finished with less than 30cm of wool left over, can you believe it? Lucky!!!

This thing took ages coz I am such a slow knitter. And all through this project I was thinking, why did I start this? I could have made a bunch of stuff in the time that it's taken me to make this. But even tonight I was tempted to go through the pattern book that this cardie came from and start something new. Ridiculous. I'm not going to though, I have other things floating around in my mind that I need to get out.

And check out the old-school type booties I got for her from an op shop recently. I love them. They have sheep skin sewn to the bottom of them.

I have been wanting to make Stevie some clothes and to quickly satisfy this urge I did some quick jazzing-up of some preexisting items. I got these orange pants from a second hand store too, and I thought they were a pretty good find until I took them to the counter and the woman said, "Oh, isn't that cute?" as she pointed to the little paddington bear emblem on the leg. I said (unenthusiastically) "yeahhhhhh..." thinking, "oh crap I didn't notice that before", so upon getting home I got out this cute fabric I have with toadstools on it and covered up the (gay) little bear!!

And I thought, what a quick way to make cute funky looking clothes, so I cut out a pic from another piece of fabric and stitched it to this plain target top. Awesome! She'll be the best dressed baby on the block in no time... if only she will stop vomiting/ drooling/ spilling food on to all of her clothes...

Monday, April 06, 2009

I've Caught the Knitting Bug

I am naughty. I never finished my mini art quilt project before I started something else! I've already broken my new rule of "one project at a time". The quilt is nearly finished though, and I will not be starting anything new until it's done!
But I did recently finish knitting this nappy cover for my little nugget. It lay unfinished for yonks because I made a mistake, and mistakes that you need to fix often make you loose motivation to finish things. Right?
Anyway, so I finished it and then I had caught the knitting bug. So I started a little cardigan for Stevie from this lovely alpaca/ wool blend from my local wool shop. As you can see I'm a fan of the multi coloured wools.

So I will finish the quilt soon & show you when it's done. Promise!

In sleep news we have had a break through. Since introducing dinner to my little girl, she has slept thought the night twice. A full night's sleep is like heaven!

Let's finish up this post with a word from the little gal:

.; u vh n vb h b ,jm v f

Oh my Stevie, your typing skills have really gone downhill since your last post. (Yes, she typed that herself...)

Friday, April 03, 2009

Sleep? Sleep? What's that!?

Hey there. My name's Stevie. The girl who has decided she does not like to sleep.

I'm setting out to annoy my Mum. I generally like to have really short naps and then spend the day cranky, unless of course, my Mother is right there in front of me entertaining me. I mean, who wants to sit happily in the stupid bouncer while Mum cleans the shower? Not me! Mum should do that boring stuff while I have my short naps, but she usually eats or naps too, the lazy woman.

Then there's the night time. Waking every two or three hours is my new trick. There's so much playing to be done, so who wants to sleep? So Mum thought I may be waking due to hunger and started me on solids. (I was getting extra hungry during the day, too.) I'm pretty good at eating, love the stuff. I have only had rice cereal and stewed apple so far, but I love it. At first it tasted weird and I spat it out, but it got better with each spoonful, so I gobbled up the whole lot.

Mum is confused about what to do about my sleeping. She's waiting to see if I will magically start sleeping better again at night, but I have news for her... he-he :) She's hoping that when my belly is fuller that I will sleep better. But hey, there's no hurry I reckon. In the meantime she's trying to ignore advice to let me "cry it out", "get rid of the dummy", and "How old is she? 5 months? Oh no, she doesn't need feeding at night." Thanks to sleep school for that last one. I like feeding at night!

So, just thought I'd pop in and say hello coz my Mum is slack when it comes to blogging so thought I'd better post something for you all. And tell you how smart I am, learning how to type already and all.