Saturday, May 16, 2009

Odds & Ends

It was my first Mum's day last week!! Jim, I mean Stevie, was really nice and bought me my favourite flowers, Aussie natives. I then got bacon and eggs cooked for me for brekkie. Nice. Eggs from our chooks of course. Well, chook.

It seems Pecky (a.k.a. bitch-face) has been pecking Cluckers. At first we thought a baby fox got into the pen, coz I accidentally left the door open all night one night. Did I feel terrible. Then we thought it was rats (there are a lot of rats out there at the moment- and on a quick google search I found that hens do get attacked by rats!! Yes: EW!!) but now we have seen that it is Pecky. We think we may have to separate them, but in the meantime I have been remembering to let them out and give them lots of scraps to peck at to alleviate boredom to see if that helps. Any tips or advice is most welcome! I also read on the internet that vinegar in their drinking water helps, but I could find no explanation on why this works. Dumb! Frustrating! Anyway, Pecky is still laying, but Cluckers has stopped out of distress I imagine. Poor little lady.

Today I read somewhere on Sally's blog that she has drawings from her little 6.5 month old. I thought, shit, why haven't I gotten Stevie to draw yet? It seems ridiculous that I haven't, me being an artist and all. So we went to my desk for a drawing lesson. Stevie was much more interested in trying to eat the pen and the paper, and then did some banana vomit which went all down her shirt. But I did manage to show her how to draw a weird cat-dog (what the hell is with that nose), a stick figure man (I thought with a drawing lesson this would be the best place to start), and some other little cute shapes. She managed some lines & a dot & some drool spots as she is thinking outside of the square and breaking all the rules already. She is a drawing rebel.

Went shopping yesterday with my Mum, my Auntie Di & my cousin Kez. I have wanted a watch for ages, and have been eyeing the one off that Bridget wears on Neighbours. I think it looks pretty cool. (Don't die Ringo! Actually, I don't care, you annoy me anyway...)

So... I bought one from fossil. On comparison it looks pretty similar, I reckon hers is a fossil watch too, and I think hers actually looks more manly. I was pretty happy with it and thought it was great until I got home and showed it to Jim whose comment was, "wow, you're really making a statement with that." Said in a not-so-enthusiastic manner. Now I have been scrutinising it and wondering if it does suit me. Another comment from the darling fiance of mine was, "it's something you'd expect to see on someone younger." So now I'm not so sure. It certainly is chunky and big and does make my wide chunky engagement ring look dainty! But I look at it and think I love it, but then from a different view or angle I think, do I really like it? Does it suit me? Bugger it, I think I do like it. What do you think? I love how you get a funky tin though, I like the one I got with this watch.)

I do feel I'm getting old though and liking different things and my Mum and I were joking about how we are looking at different shops now. My eye is being caught by the shops Mum used to shop in, and she is quite worried that the shops that my Nan used to shop in are catching her eye!! It is quite a feat going shopping with a baby too. Not much actual shopping time by the time you minus nappy changing/ feeding/ nursing time. But it was still a good day and I got myself a dressing gown, new jammies and some cute clothes for lil miss nugget.

I also got some Sarajo Frieden cards. I love this artist. I think I may frame these.

And sorry, once again, for the lack of posts!! I am always thinking of new posting ideas for my little blog, it's just finding the time that is a problem (I have blogged right through my dinner time tonight! It is now time to eat!)

See you soon :)


Georgie Love said...

You are totally rocking that watch, I love it! LOL at Jim's comments though, they always know exactly the right thing to say... ! :-)

Shannon Melville said...

i love fossil watches too, i think it suits you.