Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hi, remember me?

I'm not sure I even do- I have morphed into a baby-food making, nappy changing, baby entertaining machine. I'm quite good at it all now I reckon, because that is all I do. And being comfortable with that for the time being is making me happier, so some things have to give. Like blogging. Oh golly gosh I repeat myself a lot.

News and stuff:

- We snuck off to sunny Palm Cove (North of Cairns in sunny Queensland) for a week. Yay! It was very warm and lovely to not have to cook for a week. Stevie was a great traveler and she loves to swim and meet lots of new people. Smiles all around for everyone. Cheeky bub.

- Cluckers is looking very much all better. She has grown her feathers back and we are mighty pleased with this.

- Stevie is just about to crawl. She is terribly, terribly inquisitive, and I think once she gets going I will be following her around non stop pulling dangerous things out of her paws.

- Jim has gotten all crazy and obsessed about aquaponics. It's like hydropnics but with a fish tank to feed the plants. He is making a small practice one with a goldfish tank in our sunroom. I think it's all quite funny and a little cute. We bought some fish today for it.

- We are starting the ball rolling in getting OUR HOUSE BUILT! Very exciting and I have been on the lookout for different and unique things that I can get within oz. I have my heart set on hand painted tiles at the moment.

Now, some art!!!

Do you like my recent moleskine drawing/painting/collage? I feel like even though I haven't been drawing or painting for ages, that my style has been evolving internally anyway, and I got really excited when I started to draw again with all the possibilities and new directions I could take with my art. It's strange how it has changed (or it feels like it has) without me actually literally working on the evolution. Maybe it's because I have changed so much in the last 8 months from becoming a mother. I'm looking forward to getting back into it but I have also made an internal shift recently where I am ok with this break from my art and relaxing into my mothering role without resentment. I am taking time to "smell the roses" (or baby I should say), and not stressing myself out with personal expectations. Sweet!

I hope you have enjoyed my little update, it's been nice to check in :)

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lil kim said...

Hi Jules! Thanks for the update. Sounds like everything is going well in mothering-land. I think you SHOULD take the time to not illustrate. How wonderful it is to be able to spend time with your little one. You'll have plenty of time for art when she's off at school or borrowing the car ;-)
take care xx