Thursday, July 30, 2009

Updating Our Kitchen Wall

What do you do when you live in a place with a really "country" style wall freeze, but it's not actually your house? You make a temporary removable cover up freeze for it, that's what!

You can see why I felt the need to cover it up in this pic:

I found some different designs in flocked paper and stuck them to some foam core board with spray adhesive. For a bit more sturdiness, on the back the paper was stuck down with PVA glue. I then bought some of those nifty removable 3M tabs to stick them over the old freeze. (Here's hoping they do what they promise and come off with no marks later on.)

I randomly cut the boards as I didn't want a uniform appearance. Before:




And to finish off the look and fill in the big blank wall I hung up a selection of artworks and prints I have been hoarding. Some are framed postcards and cards, there's nothing wrong with framing them, they are cheap and look just as good. Clockwise from top left we have art tile by Robert Ryan , card by Boy Girl Party, print by Yellena, another Boy Girl Party card (top), random card from a friend, old art by me, mlhh print, another Yellena print, an op shop plate and little toy from a mate, Yellena print again, and card from Ashley G. These are all stuck in place using the 3M tabs too.

Much better! Don't you think?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

What's Old is New

I got given some vintage knitting patterns by Jim's Mum. There are some real little gems in there. I love looking through old patterns and rethinking them for today in new & different colours. Here are some of my favourite picks from the stash...

I think these little overalls could look good in different colours, they're pretty funky.

There's a pattern book with a lot of little cardies in it, some are quite plain (ie. without lots of frilly bits) and would knit up well with a bit of imagination. I think this little collared cardie is quite cute, I could see it in a brown colour for a girl or boy. How cute would it be over a funky little dress?

Once again, cute but the colours need updating.

And this little funky retro top is great how it is. I love the colours and everything!

I also got a book of little booties. Many of them remind me of the pair I bought for Stevie from an op shop that I get comments about all the time. These would be super cute in many different colour combos- but lets loose the ribbons.

It is to be expected however, that within a stack of vintage patterns we are going to find some patterns that are downright shockers! Some of these made me laugh out loud.

A his and hers set perhaps? So stylish!

All I can say here is... noice.

Shenanigans in the library... hmmmm...

Ok, forget the daggy ones... Now I need to just imagine I actually have the time to sit down and knit all of the cute projects...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Now I Have the Sewing Bug

Yes I do. Leslie has inspired me to sew. She has a bubba just a little older than Stevie and she is so damn prolific and crafty. She sews some really cute stuff, and she passed the bug onto me. So Stevie needed a new cardie, so I thought I'd try to make her one. I got an old cardie of hers and took a pattern off of it and cut up an old vest and used some other bits of material in my stash to make it. The red binding is also recycled fabric.

I tried to quickly take some shots before the little nugget drooled all over it, but alas, that drool comes out pretty fast. Here's what the vest looked like before I cut it up:

I also made her a beanie, albeit a bit big, but at least it will be good for next winter. Softie from Never Enough Hours.

Close up of beanie. I crocheted the flower and the hat bit is obviously knitted.

I am still longing to sew more stuff and also from Leslie's website I found out about Ottobre and have consequently ordered two copies of the mag! I cannot wait for them to arrive and have been eagerly checking the letterbox in anticipation.

And here's a random shot of my sewing companion. Good boy, Bendy.

In farm life news, we have some intruder chooks. We are chook sitting for Jim's boss. Some of them are quite tame and we can pick them up. I like having more chooks, there are something like 9 of them out there now, but you wouldn't know it. We are only collecting an average of one egg a day. Step up your game, chookies!

See you next time x