Thursday, July 30, 2009

Updating Our Kitchen Wall

What do you do when you live in a place with a really "country" style wall freeze, but it's not actually your house? You make a temporary removable cover up freeze for it, that's what!

You can see why I felt the need to cover it up in this pic:

I found some different designs in flocked paper and stuck them to some foam core board with spray adhesive. For a bit more sturdiness, on the back the paper was stuck down with PVA glue. I then bought some of those nifty removable 3M tabs to stick them over the old freeze. (Here's hoping they do what they promise and come off with no marks later on.)

I randomly cut the boards as I didn't want a uniform appearance. Before:




And to finish off the look and fill in the big blank wall I hung up a selection of artworks and prints I have been hoarding. Some are framed postcards and cards, there's nothing wrong with framing them, they are cheap and look just as good. Clockwise from top left we have art tile by Robert Ryan , card by Boy Girl Party, print by Yellena, another Boy Girl Party card (top), random card from a friend, old art by me, mlhh print, another Yellena print, an op shop plate and little toy from a mate, Yellena print again, and card from Ashley G. These are all stuck in place using the 3M tabs too.

Much better! Don't you think?


Helen said...

what a fantastic idea!! I love it, going to have to keep this in mind for the future. Looks great :D

Tali said...

SO much better.. well done! :)

Steph Bond-Hutkin said...

Brilliant! I've been making good use of those 3M velcro hanging things too. And I have some pretty solid frames that seem to be surviving! Reminds me of our apartment in NY. The stovetop was butted right up against the wall and there was a bit of a smoke/heat incident that was totally my fault. I popped down to the local metal shop, ordered a piece of thin stainless steel (already had adhesive on one side), and voila! stylish splashback covering black sooty peeling hole!

Mia Zucca said...

What a great idea!